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Persian area rugs- add beauty at your

Persian area rugs- add beauty at your place

Persian   area rugs are one type of Oriental rug. They come from the area of Iran,   earlier known as Persia. Hence, it is known as Persian area rugs. Iran has   been making rugs for thousands of years. Carpet weaving is an important part   of Persian art and culture. Rugs woven in regional centers   like Kerman, Tabriz, Mashhad, Qom, Nain and Isfahan   are characterized by their special weaving techniques and they make use of   high quality materials, patterns and colors.

So, in this article you will get to know the inside information,   to guide you in the field of Persian area rugs.

Are the Persian area rugs   handmade?

If you are in a search of valuable Persian area rug, first of all,   make sure it must be handmade. Since, machine made rugs have the absence   of originality, charm, durability and investment. Machine-made   rugs are not a real oriental rug.

How to differentiate between handmade and   machine-made before buying?

Turn the rug upside down and look at its back if you can’t see the   design pattern as clearly as on the face then the rug is not handmade. After   that you should make it bend back on itself in order to uncover the roots of   the pile, at the base of the threads if you can see rows of knots then   rug is handmade. This test will also help you in indicating the quality, the   more distinct the design is, better is the quality.

How Persian Rugs Are   Made?

All Persian area rugs weavers simply use identical methods and   material, they all require long time to work. There are simply say two kinds   of knots.

Persian area rugs are made by Persian knot which is a   single knot. It is made by passing the woolen rivulet or threads under one   move and then over and around the next.


Most of the Persian area rugs are generally made from materials   like cotton, wool, silk, animal hair and jute. Wool fabricated into cotton   is mostly used in the rug, especially you can find easily in   stores.

Commercial aspects

In 2002, Iran exported around $517 million worth of handmade rugs.   In 2005, Iran’s rug export amounted to US $635 million. In 2007, “National   Iranian Carpet Center” announced that handmade rugs have ranked   1st in country’s non-oil exports and holds the   3rd position among all over exports.