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Different types of big rugs

Different types of big rugs


Rugs have been used since ages as a sign of prestige and fashion   in traditional times. Keeping this factor in mind the big area rugs are   getting increasingly popular nowadays and rightly so because they have   numerous benefits which attract a common man. Firstly, these rugs provide   excellent insulation to the cold climate and help keep the room warm, this   feature is particularly important to those people who live in countries with   a cold climate such as USA, Canada, and the UK. Secondly, this rug naturally   improves the aesthetics of the room and significantly enhance the beauty of   it. Thirdly, rugs are much safer than others because they are soft and even   if you trip or fall then the damage won’t be severe and chances of a   long-term injury are less. In addition to that, rugs are normally cheaper   than other flooring options and relatively easy to maintain and clean.   However, in this article we will focus on the different types of rugs and   what they do.

The Different Rugs:

Let’s have a look at the various big rugs available in the market   and online:

Hooked Rugs:

They are characterized as being cheap then other rugs and are   useful for a long time plus they look and add charm to the   room.

Woven Rugs:

The oldest type of rugs because they are made through looming.   These rugs are attractive, beautiful and have detailed textures. However,   they are a bit on the expensive side and used as a luxury   option.

Needle Felted Rugs;

The most durable and long lasting rugs of the lot. They are   relatively new rugs and became mainstream only some 30 odd years ago. Since   they are highly durable and made of good quality people normally, use them in   areas susceptible to high areas of human foot traffic such as the hallway or   the lounge tv room.

Woolen Rugs:

Made from wool that is derived from sheepskin. They are the best   regarding price, cleaning, and maintenance. However, wool is heavily   susceptible to water and moisture which significantly lessens its   life.


These are just some of the different big rugs that are available   in the market. As you can see each of them have their specific, different use   and implications but the main purpose is same, that is, to enhance the beauty   of the room and significantly improve the aesthetics of it.