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Peel And Stick Backsplash Tile

Peel And Stick Backsplash Tile

While peel-and-stick backsplash tiles are primarily synthetic in nature, they usually have a thin layer of another material on top of a plastic polymer to capture a natural feel.  Here are some of the best materials for peel-and-stick backsplash tile:

Do you need something durable?  => Vinyl

Backsplash tiles are inherently quite thin, and materials like wood or glass don’t improve durability.  Synthetic materials like vinyl, on the other hand, are pretty strong.

It’s also available in a dizzying range of patterns and colors, so it’s likely easy to find a style that will suit your kitchen (or bathroom).  In addition, vinyl is both waterproof and stain resistant, which makes it pretty low maintenance.

Do you want to keep it light?  => Glass

Glass is your first choice for a sophisticated look. Glass tiles reflect the light beautifully and create a very bright and cheerful atmosphere in your kitchen. Colors come into their own in glass, so choosing a colored tile or a matt plate can work very well.

The only problem with glass as a material for backsplash tiles is how much maintenance is required.  Fingerprints and grease easily adhere to these tiles, forcing you to clean them frequently.

Do you fancy a modern style?  => Metal

Metallic materials such as stainless steel, tin or copper are ideal for backsplash tiles.  They are easy to clean and have a natural shine that gives your kitchen or bathroom a very special look.

The only downside is corrosion, which can be avoided by choosing stainless steel, which is also more durable and scratch-resistant.

Metal backsplash tiles go quite well with a modern bathroom (or kitchen) that is already focused on functional design with a chrome finish.  These tiles also allow the lighting to be cleverly used to create a bright, reflective appearance.

Do you want a more traditional look?  => Wood

Wood is an excellent material for backsplash tiles, as the subtly varying grain of each tile creates a wonderful gradient effect with very little effort.

The polished wood backdrop is reminiscent of the appearance of a half-timbered house, making wood backsplash tiles particularly suitable for a kitchen or bathroom with an antique theme.

When regularly polished on a regular basis, wooden backsplash tiles can greatly improve the aesthetics, especially if you are weaving a tapestry in a variety of hues, ranging from soft, muted colors to darker hues.

Looking for a natural texture?  => Stone

There is a wide variety of backsplash tiles with a mineral layer on top.  Minerals such as granite, limestone, marble or onyx are ideal for capturing the feeling of natural stone. No two tiles look alike, which can help create a unique and distinctive background.

Minerals like granite are also durable and water resistant.  Qualities that are ideal for a backsplash tile.  The only problem is that the rough texture tends to build up dirt and is a bit difficult to clean.

Because of this (and because of its natural porosity), many people like to apply a sealant after they have laid stone backsplash tiles.