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Mid Century Modern Wall Decor

Mid Century Modern Wall Decor

Mid-Century Modern is an odd type of decor.  This is the era where we got thin,   box-shaped sofas, narrow rectangular desks, and olive-green refrigerators and   stoves – alternated with mustard-yellow appliances.  It’s an odd series of years starting with   almost ultra-conservative behavior and ending with the wild abandonment of   the 1970s.  Some really incredible   works of art have emerged from this mix of social behavior.  Abstracts in bright colors certainly belong   to the modern wall decoration of the middle of the century.

“Middle of the century” in this case refers to the years   between 1945 – shortly after the Second World War until shortly after the   1970s.  This includes the era when   “art” could be created by literally throwing paint onto an   oversized canvas.  While some of these   canvases were just random arrangements made with the thrown paint, others   were more planned.

One artist even included his burnt cigarette butts in the   picture.  As you can see, it was an era   that spanned everything from metal rain chimes to paisley bell bottoms.  It was also an age when people were only   just beginning to understand the paramount importance of preserving our   natural world.

Nature pictures, ocean landscapes, and more became popular to hang   on your living room wall.  It also   became popular to incorporate natural objects into works of art.  Driftwood, for example, became a material   that was widely used to make lamps, centerpieces, and even practical items   such as wardrobes.  Therefore,   mid-century modern wall decor can include a variety of materials and motifs.  It can contain reliefs, sculptures, oil and   acrylic paintings, and watercolors.  It   almost seemed as if artists were competing with each other to create the most   original art style possible.    Otherwise, they would compete with each other for new and unusual ways   to produce their artwork.  Joni, for   example, who painted his teeth with a brush, or Close, who strapped a brush   to his unresponsive hand to produce gigantic murals.

Listed below are ten varied and interesting arts from the   mid-century modern movement.  As you   can see, they are versatile.  However,   this means that no matter who you are, you can probably find the perfect   piece for your wall.

Geometric decor

The different sized squares in this wall decoration have different   shades of white, with the darker ones in a center line.  These squares can be used as horizontal or   vertical stand decor and add texture to your wall.  The light tones can work well against a   light wall or express a darker modern tone.

Sailboat decor

This wall decor features three sailing boats of classic design and   nature.  The sails are all frame edges   so you have a choice of leaving them open and adding your wall to the decor,   or lining them with fabric to add color to your modern space.  The light tone goes well with your lighter   wall tone and light blue.

Cutlery wall   decoration

With the shapes of cutlery, this decor can add a cooking feel to   your kitchen.  The darker metal tone   works well for a light wall color as a background or is mounted on your   cabinets yourself.  The contrast brings   the eyes to an area of ??the room that will add to your decor or your fresh,   ready-to-eat foods.

Rings decor

These metal rings look desperate and have a burnt sheen that   expresses handcrafted work and uniqueness.    The different colors range from light silver to dark metallic tones so   it can work with many styles.  This   piece can draw attention to the part of your room where you want your decor   to stand out.

Great industrial wall   decoration

This modern wall decoration is very large and makes a wonderful   wall decoration over a sofa or a large piece of decoration.  It can arouse interest and be a topic of   conversation with its wooden circles on gray metal posts.  This piece is great for a large white or   light wood wall and will add a light color to your dark tone   decor.

The seven gold flowers work well on many types of walls, from a   dark shade of light to a light wall.    You can also bring a traditionally designed room with a modern style   to work with neutral colors.  Flowers   always have their own meaning, as well as the meaning people receive from   them.  And that’s true with this   piece.


These abstract metal rings can add flavor and appeal to your   home.  The iron body made of warped   rings gives every room the feeling of a worker.  With a dark toned body, this works well on   any white wall or light shade of wood.    It is great as a decoration means, quickly draws attention to the   surroundings and highlights the decor in the area.

Abstract wall   decoration

This piece of wall decor will add a touch of flavor to your room   while also giving a modern feel.  The   metal base can bring together a metallic look, especially when added to a   light solid color wall.  The frames can   be used openly or you can insert pictures into them to add a more personal   feel to this multi-panel wall decor.