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Multi-purpose bed sides tables

Multi-purpose bed sides tables

Convenience is the biggest   advantage of bed side tables. We want everything to be within our easy reach.   This makes bed side tables highly useful. With today’s high rise beds you   would like to buy bedroom side tables that are high enough to be at level   with the top of the mattress. It can be a bit lower, but ideally you would   like it to be an extension of the bed. You want to be able to easily get to   things, such as a glass of water, even in a pitch dark room.

Size is crucial, too. If   you have a lot things you would like to have next to your bed side, you may   want to get a table with a larger top. Even a lamp and an alarm clock can   consume a lot of space on the table. You want to make sure you have enough   space that you won’t end up with book, a glass of water or your smart phone   lurking dangerously on the edge, or worse, a vase that ends up falling in the   dead of night not only waking you, but also scaring you to   death.

If you are left with enough   space, you want to make sure you have side tables on both sides of the bed.   While you can get away with one, it’s far better to have two so that you can   access your stuff on either side without stuffing one table with all the   stuff you need.

An extended bedside table   is always a good idea, however, if you if you wish to move your table around   and use it as a stool you can go for a mobile version.