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Decorative Olive Oil Bottles

Decorative Olive Oil Bottles

Enhance your home decor and preserve the quality of your olive oil   with decorative olive oil bottles.  Not   only are decorative olive oil bottles used for their style, they also allow   for easier pouring of oil without further cluttering your table or   kitchen.  It is one of those useful   kitchen accessories that will provide you and your family with the right   amount of oil for dressing or cooking.    Therefore, before choosing a decorative olive oil bottle, consider the   following:

The right material

It is important that you choose a good or good quality material as   it will help with oil storage.  A good   material will ensure that the liquid does not become contaminated while it is   in the bottle.  So make sure you choose   food grade glass or ceramic with a shade if possible to give the oil the   maximum protection it needs.

The right capacity

Depending on usage and storage needs, always choose the dispenser   in which the required amount of oil can be stored.  Decorative olive oil dispensers come in   different versions from 250 ml to 1000 ml. If you are planning to buy a   decorative dispenser for a dining table, you can opt for a smaller one.  Smaller dispensers are easy to refill and   are more mobile.


Decorative olive oil dispensers are more prone to leakage and   breakage because of their overall design and main component.  So make sure you choose the product that is   permanent if you plan to use it long term.


Most people look for an olive oil dispenser as this ensures that   pouring the liquid is simple and as straightforward as possible.  If you are one of those people, you need an   outlet.  A dispenser without one is   just a standard bottle.  A good spout   closes tightly with a hinged lid that prevents spilling.  Now that you know how to choose a good   decorative bottle for olive oil storage, check out our top deals   below!

Optima olive oil   bottle

The first decorative olive oil bottle on our list is lead-free,   environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe by Luigi Bormioli.  It can hold up to 0.25 l of liquid.  This decorative glass bottle combines   texture and height so you can just leave your olive oil bottle on your   counter instead of tucking it away in a closet.

Olive oil bottle

This porcelain olive oil bottle comes with a cork lid and a gift   box.  In addition to being an excellent   container for olive oil, it is also a storage bottle for your homemade sauce   or favorite salad dressing.  Since that   24 oz.  The bottle has a cork lid and   gives your container for oils and sauces a unique look.

Lastra olive oil   bottle

Use this beautiful Lastra olive oil bottle from VIETRI as an   independent counter decoration.  Fill   it with your favorite olive oil to give the product a different feel.  If you are thinking of giving this as a   gift for a loved one, you will never be wrong because simplicity is always   the best choice.

Great 3-piece   olive oil bottle set

This 3-piece oil bottle set comes with its own pouring spouts and   a metal frame that holds the 16-ounce bottles firmly in place.  With its thick, high-quality, vintage-style   Italian glass, this set of olive oil bottles can be left on any surface   without worrying about breakage from constant exposure to the   sun.

Cruet olive oil

If you are looking for a decorative olive oil bottle that is sure   to impress you, this is the one for you.    It is a durable oil bottle with a plastic cap to keep the liquid   stored in it fresh.  It has vintage   Greek key styling on top for a sleek look.    Give this to a family member and watch his / her joy!  You can also use it yourself and you will   smile every time you pick up the bottle.

Olive Oil and   Vinegar Decanter Cruet

This set of frosted decanters with olive leaf details is perfect   for olive oil and apple cider vinegar.    The bottles can impress your guests especially if you add a set to   each table during your event.  The   unique design of the decanters distinguishes them from other products.  You will be happy to know that these   bottles come with their own cork lid.

Oil and   vinegar cruet set with caddy

Simple and elegant, it’s a glass oil and vinegar cruet set that   will look stunning when it rests on your dining table or kitchen   counter.  We love that it has its own stand   as well as a pouring spout that allows for easy, elegant pouring of   liquid.  Yes, you can finally say   goodbye to spills!

Olive Oil   Decanter and Dip Cup Set

This set comes with frosted terracotta dipping cups and a   carafe.  It has olive leaf details and   an embossed “olio”.  You will   find this set irresistible as it is absolutely petite!  The combination of the beautiful material   and the soft shape of this set allows you to integrate breathtaking little   details into your kitchen.

Fiona olive oil   cruet

With its typographical details, handcrafted appearance and   olive-inspired motif, this charming and decorative oil bottle can be used to   store liquid or to display dried flower bouquets.  Yes, it’s so versatile!  Overall, the glass bottle measures 13.38 x   2.24 x 2.24 inches.  It is best   displayed in kitchens with a simple silhouette.

Newport oil   bottle

This stunning oil bottle conforms to a classic, proven design and   looks great.  At the same time, it is   extremely effective.  It is 100% lead   free and made from stoneware with a novel shape.  Since it comes with a pouring spout, you   can pour in oil easily and without incident.    When you’re done with this, you can keep the stored liquid fresh as   the device comes with a cover.