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Making the right decision about birch
hardwood flooring

Making the right decision about birch hardwood flooring

Making   the right choice while choosing hardwood   floors

There is no doubt about the fact that hardwood floors not just   look great, but also perform well. These are amongst the most versatile of   flooring options and surely, worth the price one has to pay. With such a   significant price also comes the need to be well informed about the option   before making a decision. When it comes to birch hardwood   flooring, homeowners are often confused. While birch floors   look great and perform better than many options, knowing a bit more about it   before you make a choice will be the wise thing to do!

What makes birch such a special kind of   hardwood?

What makes birch a great choice for hardwood floors is something   that can be easily summed up in the following four points:

  • The color variations that birch hardwood   flooring offers, right from lights to darks, suits all kinds   of decorating tastes.
  • The hardness as well as durability it offers is incomparable to   most other flooring kinds
  • Birch has its own set of natural highlights, which create a   unique visual and aesthetic appeal.
  • While birch costs are significantly high, it still costs less   than most other premium hardwoods.

Is birch a good choice for your home’s   floors?

If you are wondering the advantages of birch flooring, then it   offers you almost everything, if not more, that any other hardwood can offer.   Birch floors are exceptionally hard and durable, and no aspect of birch   flooring can be compromised in any way. In comparison to oak and maple, birch   is as hard if not more. Birch is also more affordable than other hardwoods,   and well-worth the price.

In terms of appearance, the range of colors and textures that you   can get in birch are seemingly endless. You can also get an exceptional   quality of stains in birch floors. These floorings are very easy to take care   of, and you will not need to take a whole lot of measures for maintaining   it.

Despite of being affordable, birch will still have some additional   costs. It is also not designed for every kind of décor, and the contrast from   one board to the other can exist, especially if you are getting a lower grade   of birch.

Going ahead based on a single factor, focusing entirely on the   advantages or the disadvantages is not really the right strategy for making a   decision such as this. Take your time, weigh the pros and cons and ensure   that the decision you make fits in your budget, preference and your   home.