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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Stylish
Makeup Vanity

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Stylish Makeup Vanity

Here are some of the key features to consider when choosing your   makeup vanity.


To the traditionally designed, elegant bedroomsIf   you want to make sure that your vanity comes complete with one   matching stool.

This also applies to minimalist and modern look that   requires a seamless look.

To the rustic, versatile and shabby chic   looksYou can choose a different stool or one that you just   like Mix and match approach.

If you buy your stool and dressing table separately,   Be sure to measure carefully.  While most vanities are designed for a   regular chair, you should measure the height of your vanity as well allow   10-12 “of space between the top of your stool and the   bottom of the table top to allow legroom.


The mirror is an important part of your vanity.  Here are some of the different types that   you should consider.

  • be crazy – A traditional mirror   rotates so you can bend it Greater precision when styling your   hair or applying makeup. Some people prefer a large   traditional mirror with embellishments to look and display the outfit, and   then rely on other smaller versions for makeup.

  • Three-pane mirror – Three-pane   mirrors are another classic choice for getting an overview of your profile   additional practicality for makeup and hair   styling.

  • Luminous mirrors – Take a practically   lit mirror to get the little details just right or Bring out   your inner starlet and go for a retro vintage Hollywood Look   around the frame with glowing light bulbs.


If you have a lot of small beauty accessories or trinkets, a   makeup vanity with drawers is a great choice.

Some versions have lined drawers for your   valuables, others may have smaller drawers for small items and   mirror-sided Larger drawers for brushes, make-up and hair   accessories.


Shelves are a nice touch for Show off your pretty   fragrance bottles or to have your frequently used items on   hand.

Remember, if you have a tendency to show a lot of products that   you don’t really want to show off, you’d better prioritize a model with   shelves or cabinets.


While elegant traditional-style makeup vanities don’t have   cabinets, you can find some clunkier, more rustic models that do.  Cabinets are great choices if   you have a lot of beauty products and you need extra storage   space.

Built-in sockets

If you use a wide variety of electrical beauty and styling   equipment, you might want to look for a makeup vanity with built-in   electrical outlets.

That makes Switching from your hairdryer to your   straighteners is a breezewithout having to reach down and back   or over the nearest socket.