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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Mailbox

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Mailbox

Choosing a mailbox for your home seems incredibly easy.  However, there are some factors that need   to be weighed carefully and are easily overlooked if you are unsure of what   to look for.

Below are some expert tips on types of mailboxes, materials, and   features to help you choose one that suits your needs.

What type of   mailbox should I choose?

The type of mailbox you choose should largely depend on the   functions you want it to perform and whether you need something more secure   or less obtrusive.  Nowadays all types   of mailboxes are very easy to customize, with a wide variety of colors and   shapes available.

Mail slot:

  • This is the most secure and private option as it is right on your   front door or on a wall in your house Mail cannot be stolen   or looked through.
  • However, many people find their own mail slot too   messy how any mail sent through them ends up all over the   hall;  This problem can be solved by   installing a simple box on the inside to intercept the mail.
  • Another disadvantage is Larger packages do not fit   through a normal mail slotThat said, they must be left on your   porch or returned to the post office when no one is home to receive   them.

Mounted on the wall:

  • This type of mailbox attaches to the wall of your home, usually   right next to your front door.
  • It provides pretty much security   have so many wall models Castlesand mail thieves   are less likely to get caught walking right outside someone else’s   door.
  • They come in a variety of sizes but can be again   too small for larger packages.


  • This is the most common type of mailbox Residential   areas.
  • It is also known as the roadside mailbox Weather   resistant and attached to a post or pole at the curb or at the   end of your driveway.
  • Post-mounted mailboxes make it iIt’s incredibly   easy for the postman to deliver your letters without having to   go straight to your front door.
  • There are you too the ability to send letters and   small packages from home instead of having to take a trip to   the local post office;  Most   post-mounted mailboxes have a small flag on their side that you can use to   indicate if you have any emails that you want to receive.
  • However, if your mailbox does not have a sufficient lock, it will   an easy target for mail   thieves.
  • You also have to Leave your house   completely every morning to check that you have mail.

Pillar assembly:

  • One more sophisticated version of the post-mounted   mailboxThis type of mailbox is built into a column at the end   of your driveway.
  • Column-mounted mailboxes are usually safer than   post-mounted mailboxes since it is very difficult to break   into or disassemble.
  • However, they have the downside of having to leave the house to   pick up the mail instead of having it delivered straight to your   door.


  • This is probably the least popular type of mailbox as it is   usually quite large and can be attacked by   thieves.
  • However, it’s the perfect option for people who want it   Protection for large packagesor people who go on   vacation for a long time without stopping the postal   service.
  • Freestanding mailboxes can be screwed into the   ground to prevent them from being tipped over or   stolen.

What   material should my mailbox be made of?

Of course, your mailbox needs to be strong and durable enough to   withstand any weather.  Certain   materials are much better suited to certain climates.  So keep this in mind when choosing your   mailbox – you don’t want to have to replace it every few months!  

Here are some key features of the most popular mailbox   materials:


  • Steel must be treated waterproof.
  • Otherwise, it can withstand rust and extreme weather such as   strong winds and hail.


  • Aluminum has to be treated waterproof.
  • It can withstand rust.
  • It is a fairly light material compared to other metals.


  • Brass must be shiny and polished regularly in order to avoid   patina (green colored residues from exposure to air and moisture).


  • Plastic is very easy to adapt and easy to maintain and   clean.
  • It’s relatively durable but can be a very bad idea in hotter   regions as the heat can melt or warp the plastic.


  • Wood can be very visually appealing due to its traditional and   rustic aesthetic.
  • However, it’s not very durable or water-resistant, so it’s   definitely not recommended for rainy regions.

What   functions should my mailbox have?

While some of these may seem obvious, it is very easy to bother   choosing a pretty design or size for your mailbox, forgetting about the most   important features.

Locking mechanism

  • Make sure your mailbox has a secure locking mechanism that only   you and / or people you know can unlock.
  • As mentioned in this guide, mail thieves like to target larger   mailboxes because they are more likely to contain packages   Especially important for free-standing   mailboxes.


  • A house number or a surname should be visible in your   mailbox.
  • This ensures that your Mail will be delivered to   the correct addressIt’s easy for postmen to make   mistakes!

Newspaper holder

  • This ensures that the space in the mailbox is actually free for   letters and parcels instead of being occupied by bulky newspapers and   magazines.

Rear access

  • Creates a small rear access door an easy way to   check your email without having to completely dismantle the   entire mailbox every time.
  • In particular important for boxes that are mounted   behind mailboxes, not so much for other guys as they usually   unlock at the front.