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Some unique ladder shelves ideas

Some unique ladder shelves ideas

Moving into a new apartment is a   task, there is so much to do and so much of thinking and spending that goes   into decorating the new place. There are so many ideas that can be   implemented for decorating one’s place. One also needs to decide how to keep   your stuff in the cupboards or shelves. One can get these shelves in so many   sizes, shapes, colors and styles. One of the more popular type of shelves   these days are ladder shelves.

Along with being   affordable, these ladder shelves come in different designs. Many of these are   free standing, while the others need to be bolted to the walls. These can be   made from several of these materials. Here are a few unique ladder shelf   designs.

  • Opus Oak – These types of ladder shelves are   different from the regular ones. A little more on the expensive side, these   types of ladder shelves are very trendy. Such ladder shelves will give your   place a look of the sleek interiors.
  • Teak bathroom – These types of ladder   shelves are to be used for bathroom spaces. With a limited storage space,   these are movable shelves. Made from teak wood, one can find this kind of   ladder shelves online at much affordable prices.
  • Double Leaning Shelf – This shelf is   essentially for those people who are looking for more storage space. These   wall shelves are very durable and have a set of twelve display shelves in   total. Also, this kind of ladder shelf will require to be bolted to a   wall.

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