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Laminate flooring reviews: tips, pros and

Laminate flooring reviews: tips, pros and cons

If   you have been doing some research about laminate flooring and want to weigh   it with all other options, then the reviews can come in handy. This will help   you get a general idea about what it would be like to have laminate flooring   in your house. Have you been bogged down by questions such as would laminate   flooring make the best choice for your space or would it last for several   years, then you can consider reading the subsequent paragraphs to find an   answer.

The pros of using laminate   flooring

When it comes to laminate flooring, an infinite design choice is   available to the users. There are several printing and photographic   techniques that make it possible to recreate the surface you have been   imagining. The cost of the flooring is cheaper in comparison to other stone   or hardwood flooring. As many manufacturers make use of wood that is   recycled, laminate flooring is in a manner eco-friendly. The installation process   is entirely easy. These are not just durable, but as well stain and scratch   resistant. This can be installed anywhere and there are no such restrictions   in shying away from installation of laminate flooring in places where there   is a need for under floor heating. These are easy to maintain and the   cleaning process is really easy.

Cons of laminate flooring  

Laminate flooring is not really an authentic stone or wood flooring.   This is the reason why a lot of people don’t opt for laminate flooring. The   products are considered to be of lower value. There isn’t any provision for   refinishing laminate flooring. These can be slippery, noisy and   hard.

Tips and trends pertaining to laminate   flooring

If you are worried about the sound absorption and hardness of   laminate flooring, you need to opt for laminates whose thickness is a minimum   12mm thick. A better feel is offered by thicker laminates. For authenticity,   you can opt for a large pattern repeat.

Longer and thicker planks are quite popular these days when it   comes to laminate flooring. Laminates with gloss is also gaining trend. For a   chic look, high gloss laminates can be paired with discreet interiors. Cement   look laminates have also become quite popular these days with the   popularization of industrial themes. You can as well consider laminating your   walls. Gray toned laminates are as well being offered by the top brands that   churn out laminate flooring.

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