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Innovative Floating Desk Ideas for Your
Home or Office

Innovative Floating Desk Ideas for Your Home or Office

Here are the types of floating desks that you should focus on to   complement your decor.


Look for a folding floating desk all in one Accent   color as an interesting focus on your wall.  You can also choose a hanging model with   clean lines and an optimized surface.

Floating desks are ideal for modern interiors.  When in doubt and you have a neutral,   modern space, go for a simple model with a glossy   finish.


There are plenty of lovely wooden cabinet style floating drop down   desks that complement this perfectly Elegance and comfort of a   traditional home.

Opt for one with one rich wood finish or   stain and lots of storage space.  Traditional-style models, while bulkier   than modern versions, save a lot of space compared to regular   desks.


When choosing a folding desk for your minimalist home, focus on   the finish and look.

Floating desks are great choices as they won’t compromise your   pared-down, clean finish.  Metal or   plastic are good choices, although a wooden floating desk can also make an   interesting focal point.

Choose models with Indoor storage or simple hanging   models without shelves or additional details.


If you have an industrial style room, we recommend that you opt   for a room Wooden hanging floating desk with metal   brackets.

These firm, rustic looking floating   desks is also suitable for dining alone or for drinks with   friends.  Otherwise, opt for a   fold-away model for a larger work area and more storage   space.

Natural wood and dark metal Details   help to maintain that utilitarian theme Running   through your house.