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How to decorate your home with 6×9 area

How to decorate your home with 6×9 area rug?

When it comes to the decision of getting a suitable rug to design your space, area rugs are an excellent choice specially if you have to be discreet about the specifications of your room. Get rectangular area rugs of an approximate dimension of 6×9 for your floor designing? This specification will help delineate your room and give definition to it. Be it be from anywhere from around the world, contemporary, traditional, modern, tribal, European, Persian, oriental; it will complement the décor of your room enhancing the overall effect.

Are you worried of where to put 6×9 area rug? Here are some places area rugs can be a huge contribution to:

Living room:

A patterned area rug gives the living area a pop of colour. An area rug that’s too small for the room can be a bad idea. A 6×9 area rug will help defining the living room in an open plan set up.

A Persian rug with its traditional essence and bold dashes of color will also be a luxurious addition to your living room.

Dining room:

A rug too small will do no good in adding charm to your dining room. So, a 6×9 rug, which encompasses the entire dining table and it’s chairs and also leaving some space outside the margin is the ideal area rug furnishing technique.

Kids room:

Give your children an air of entertainment with bright, colorful area rugs. Popping colors in there will be playful and quirky and will brighten up the general air of the room. The plush landing of their playfulness will be really safe and effective.


Decorating a patio or a balcony can be a very challenging task. But putting light wood furniture with a dark wood flooring and a pale area rug will give it the quintessential feel it needs!


If you want to play with your master bedroom settings refreshing it’s look because you are bored of it, an area rug will do the job. Your bedroom will keep on looking exquisite and extravagant AND refined because of the additional area rug, giving it depth.


A person’s individuality is reflected in their study. It should be so that the character of the person shines through it making them comfortable and relaxed in their own aura. A rug will just add to the beauty of it and compliment the whole scene artistically.