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Enthnic style: moroccan rugs

Enthnic style: moroccan rugs

Nowadays   objects that add to the beauty of the place we live in are numerous and   easily available. It has become difficult for the user to select what he   wants because of the wide range of products available to him. The selection   process must take into account, the ability of the product to enhance the   beauty of the building and also its cost effectiveness. Carpets and rugs have   been an integral part of interior designing for many years but rugs that have   a classic and ethnic look are rare to find.

The Moroccan rugs fall into the category of rugs which gives an   exotic look to the area. Moroccan rugs are traditional rugs which were   initially hand-woven in Morocco. They were used by tribes and other   indigenous people in the beginning. Later in the twentieth century they   became popularised in the western countries where they are still used as   decorative rugs.

The major speciality of the Moroccan rugs is that they come in a   variety of exotic designs. Modern interior designers find these rugs to be an   effective designing possibility.

Even now most of the Moroccan rugs are still hand woven. This   ensures that each rug has a unique design and is of the finest quality.

Since they are made of thick wool or other thick materials, they   not only add beauty but also give warmth and comfort to those who walk on   them. They can be easily dusted when dirty and acts as a protection for the   floor. They are also more durable when compared to other machine made   rugs.