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Hammock Chair With Stand

Hammock Chair With Stand

Hanging chairs with stands can be easily placed anywhere you need   a comfortable seat.  They are available   in different sizes and designs, from a simple sling for one person to large   hammocks for two adults or several children.    Not only are they versatile, but they also offer an amazing range of   styles and colors to incorporate into your home, patio or lawn decor.  They can become your favorite place to   relax or be used as extra or emergency seating for large parties or   unexpected guests.

Many of them only require a simple C-stand that can be set up in   minutes and does not require any additional construction for your house or   terrace.  They can be incorporated into   play sets or even added to old swings that the kids have outgrown.  If you have a large, sturdy tree, some of   them can be hung from a branch.

Hanging   chair

If you love the comfort of a hammock but don’t have space to set   it up, a C-stand with a colorful hanging chair is the perfect solution.  Soft cotton pillows with back support   provide a comfortable place to read, sew or just relax.  With the C-stand you can place it anywhere,   indoors or outdoors.  The steel frame   is easy to assemble with just four parts and is powder-coated for additional   wear resistance.  Weight capacity up to   265 pounds.  A one-year manufacturer’s   guarantee applies to the purchase.

Woven hammock chair   made of polyester

If you love that summer breeze but hate the sweat dripping down   your back because your chair is just too cozy, you will love this hanging   chair.  This seat is attached to a   sturdy dowel rod that is decorated with tassels at each end.  It can be hung almost anywhere.  It can be attached to a C-stand, child’s   swing, branch or porch roof, or even the ceiling of your living room.  Hanging hardware is included, but the   C-stand must be purchased separately.

Hanging chair for   two or more

Like birds in trees, you can nest together in this conical   hammock.  It can accommodate two adults   or a couple of children.  Much like the   hanging nests of weaver birds, these hammocks are the perfect place for a   quiet conversation or to escape prying eyes while enjoying nature.  However, allow for additional hanging   height as it requires at least eight feet of vertical space.  Can be hung with a tripod frame.  

Low key striped   hammock chair

Enjoy comfort and subtle good taste with this striped hanging   chair.  The attractive blue, gray,   brown, and white stripes are a soothing color combination.  You can easily picture them next to a   delphinium bed or even a bright tulip bed.    The cotton fabric is a good choice in summer.  The hammock chair can be hung in any stable   place, including a C-stand, although a stand is not included.  Weight capacity is 250 pounds and comes   with a one year warranty.

Pumpkin peel   chair

Enjoy the last days of summer sun in a hanging hanging chair that   resembles a large pumpkin.  The sturdy,   curved ribs cradle a comfortable pillow worthy of Peter Pumpkin’s reluctant   bride.  It comes in a thirsty pumpkin   patch orange, beautiful candy apple red or subtle leaf brown.  It offers comfort in every color.  The capacity is 400 pounds so you and your   sweetheart or you and a few children can snuggle up in it easily.  It is designed for two adults.  

Egg rocking chair

Make yourself comfortable in this cozy egg chair and enjoy the   summer breeze.  It comes with its own   C-stand and can be set up indoors or outdoors.  The mesh sides support and allow air to   circulate, while the seat and back padding provide additional comfort for the   user.  Bring your book, handicraft, or   just yourself for some fresh air and sun.    It also works well in a minimalist home decor where space is limited.  It goes well with wicker, seascapes, shabby   chic or country.

Bowl-shaped   rocking chair with stand

While it looks a lot like the egg chair, the bottom of this one is   lined with a round cushion that looks a lot like the one used in bowl chairs.  It comes with its own C-stand and has a   weight capacity of 265 pounds.  The   circular base of the C-stand makes it a little friendlier to floors than the   three-legged stands.  Capacity is one,   and the gray color combined with the woven shell gives it an almost   futuristic feel.  The muted color also   makes it easy to mix and match with other furniture.

Modern rocking chair   with stand

If you prefer to curl up in a chair, this aluminum frame rocking   chair is for you.  The chair’s woven   body is made from olefin, a plastic that retains its color and shape over   many seasons.  The pillows are removable   so they look fresh and pretty easily.    It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  However, for outdoor use it is recommended   to remove the cushions and cover the chair when no one is sitting in it.  The cheerful color of the woven body makes   it a pleasant addition to any conservatory or patio.

If you love hanging chairs, you’ll be glad to find this metal   C-stand available.  It has a capacity   of 300 pounds, is powder coated for durability and beauty, and is easy to   assemble.  For a reasonable price, you   can easily set up two or more hanging chairs to share the experience of   swinging in the wind with family and friends.    To use with toddler equipment, some people have shared pool noodles   and put them on their feet to protect the little ones from   bumps.

Adjustable   hanging chair stand for hammock chairs and swings

This “C” frame could almost be referred to as an   L-frame.  It’s a little different from   your standard C-frame.  Instead of the   giant C on a three-legged base, it’s shaped more like a marriage between a C   and a slightly broken L.  The base is a   wide, three-sided rectangle with the ends twisting up and then narrowing to   form the hanging point on top.  A steel   snap safety hook increases hanging security by preventing things from   slipping off.  Good for indoor or   outdoor use, its capacity is 330 pounds.

Focus on your   choices

Choosing a hammock chair can be confusing.  There are so many styles to choose   from.  You can narrow down your choices   by making a few key decisions.

Who will sit in the   chair?

If the occupant is a tall adult, watch out for these seat and   support weight restrictions.  If you   plan to use one of the C-stands for a kid’s swing, you may need to add extra   protection against falls as the legrests are made of steel and can cause   damage.  If the chair can accommodate   two or more people, allow for the combined weight.

Where will the   chair be placed?

Most hammock chairs can be placed indoors or outdoors, and many of   these easy-to-place hanging chairs will fit in a regular room, but some   require additional space on the top.

Color and style

Designs include simple slings, egg shapes, bowl shapes, and a   hanging tent.  Two-person seats are   mostly bowl-shaped or hanging tents.    The colors are different and most styles come in more than one color.  Styles include simple hammocks with   pillows, open looms that are perfect for summer, wide hammocks that look   almost like a small hanging tent, and futuristic shell chair styles.  

Textures and   fabrics

Cotton is a very comfortable material that feels good on the skin   and “breathes”.  However, it   can retain heat and moisture, making it a less valued fiber for summer   use.  Open weave options can be cotton   or synthetic.  The advantage of the   open weave is that it allows good airflow, but it can be harsh on the skin   and may require some type of liner.


Simple hanging chairs for one person are relatively inexpensive,   as are the stands.  But you need to   keep these weight requirements in mind.    Buying a lightweight device for someone who weighs more than 200   pounds is a false economy.

Purchase options

Some of the hammocks have their own stand, but some need to be   purchased separately.  For your   convenience, two types of C-stand are listed after the descriptions of the   hammocks.  Some types of hammocks may   require a large, third style tripod.    The tripods or wooden arch styles are more sturdy than the   C-stands.  However, the latter are   sufficient for most types of hanging chairs and have the fortunate advantage   of being easier to move.


Protect your investment with a good cover, especially if it is for   outdoor use.  Wind, precipitation, heat   and cold all affect your chair hammock.    Dust can also have an effect.  By   covering it when not in use, you will help make your hanging chair last   longer.

Goes with   everything

You can incorporate a hanging chair into almost any decor, including   Victorian or Edwardian ones.  All it   takes is the colors in your room, the style of the chair and the   accessories.  Adding a fringed scarf,   some bright pillows, or decorative tassels can transform the simplest of   hanging chairs into a luxurious retreat.

The best thing about a hanging chair is that every style is   focused on comfort.  Whether it is the   simple sling or the elaborate pumpkin seat for two people, hammock chairs are   intended for relaxing, cuddling or even cuddling.