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The Ultimate Workspace: The Executive

The Ultimate Workspace: The Executive Desk

In addition to the standard shapes of the desk, there are a   variety of style options available for desks.    Chromed drawer handles and keyholes are included Status   quo So expect most models to be found consistently as you   browse through styles.

Wood surfaces work well in a variety of environments.  However, if you have a dark-themed office   with large windows, consider a dark driftwood   veneer for your desk, combined with chrome-plated drawer   handles and legs.  The contrast between   chrome and driftwood surfaces makes you look more bold   Statement.

Swirling mahogany veneers go well with this Parquet   and wall claddingDesks with these veneers are therefore   usually an exquisite addition to older office buildings such as established   law firms.  They do it well in too   sophisticated home offices Developed with   reading and long hours in mind, especially when compared to others darker   themed furniture.

If your office has a lighter or beige decor, then a   Sandstone desk with a touch of black could be a   delicious style choice for you.    Sandstone goes well with light colors like peach, pine or fresh aqua,   and black accents create a surprising contrast that makes your desk the   focus, not just a piece of furniture.