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Halloween Table Decor Ideas For Sale

Halloween Table Decor Ideas For Sale

With all the great ideas, decorating for Halloween is easier than   ever!  One of the many reasons   Halloween decorating is incredibly fun is the endless possibilities.  The themes, colors, patterns, and   decorative pieces that you can choose from are so immense and extensive.  not a single thing is taboo!  

If you’re like us then you’d also want friendly monsters, cute   ghosts and colorful pumpkins for a kid-friendly Halloween theme.  But you can also take a different route and   opt for eclectic Halloween pieces for that creepy castle effect.  

If you’re still struggling to figure out which Halloween table   decor is best for the holiday, don’t fret because we’ve put together the most   creative ideas that are guaranteed to gasp and compliment your guests at   dinner.

So, without further ado, here are the awesome Halloween table   decor pieces that have the wow factor that we are sure you are looking   for:

Glass votive

A realistic, meticulously detailed skeleton hand with a clear   glass candle holder, the perfect centerpiece for a Fright Night Halloween   table setting.  Overall dimensions are   6 “H x 4” W x 4 “D, which proves that your home can stay chic   and minimalist during this extravagant vacation.

With this monochrome Halloween decor, you can even swap creepy and   creepy for cute by placing candy and goodies in the glass votive.  If not, add fresh flowers to the clear   glass.  Just cut the stems three inches   from the buds and you have a fresh centerpiece for your party!  This is definitely a winner when it comes   to flexibility!    

Jack O lantern

Whenever you think of a pumpkin, don’t imagine it looking scary or   creepy.  However, this is exactly what   this little guy is when he’s lit!  A   textured jack-o-lantern from Fantastic Craft, an incredibly smart investment   as it will light up multiple Halloween parties!  It’s the only Halloween decor that doesn’t   light up your party table or create a dark shadow in a corner of your   house.  Since it is supposed to be   illuminated, it improves the ambience of a room.  You can also use it to add some creepiness   to your home by combining it with flying bats and cobwebs.

Avoid literal fires by swapping a real candle for battery-powered   lighting.  Measuring 4.5 “H x   4.25” W x 3 “D, it can be placed anywhere in the house, from your   porch and mantelpiece to your Halloween dinner party table!

Halloween owl   lamp

Decorate your dining table with the National Tree Co owl lamp, a   quick Halloween centerpiece!  It casts   a nice shadow around your dining room and enhances the ambience of the room   as the lamp is lit by your favorite scented candle.  Of course, you don’t have to buy a new   candle if you don’t want to, as the lamp is already equipped with a   battery-operated LED light!    Practically, am I right?

To achieve the cutest Halloween table setting you will ever see,   pair this adorable Halloween lamp with fabulous little details like tiny   pumpkins and pumpkin napkin holders.    Add in some autumnal flowers, an acorn-filled vase, and a blackbird   and you have the ideal table setting that your party guests will enjoy and   remember for years!

Bats table cover

If you’ve got the Haunted Mansion theme for this Halloween, The   Holiday Aisle’s Bats Table Topper is another great idea that is hard to   resist.  Since the polyester tabletop   is adorned with bats and cobwebs, you’ve come one step closer to your very   scary Halloween theme.

Aside from being a table cover, you can also add this costume to   your costume as it is made of a delicate black lace material that forms the   cobwebs and spiders.  It can even be   used to cover your mantelpiece.    Whichever direction you choose, there is no denying how you can easily   find something to do with this Halloween-themed topper.

Illuminated   Day of the Dead Skull Decorative table figure

Bronze is definitely the new orange!  If you’ve followed decoration trends then   you’ve noticed how metallic hues have made a comeback this season and we love   it!  Some Halloween table decorations   come in metallic colors, but this one is our favorite for several reasons!  

First and foremost, it’s a gorgeous skull table setting that   offers just the level of creepiness we’re looking for.  What’s more, it’s the decoration piece that   can be easily combined with more traditional Halloween decor, including   lighted pumpkins and creepy ghosts.  If   you want to match your chic Halloween theme, the product will definitely suit   your taste!  That’s not all, because   this metallic skull table figure is equipped with multi-colored LED   lights!  Believe us when we say there   really isn’t anything here that comes with great features like this one.  

Halloween   inflatable haunted house castle with skeletons

Greet your guests with a spooky inflatable display when they walk   to your front porch!  As soon as they   step on the rubber dinghy, they are transported into another dimension, in   which they transform from normal party guests to ghouls.  This Halloween inflatable boat is best   complemented with a bag of bones for the scariest night of horror ever!  

We’re sure you won’t miss out on doing a pose or two with this fun   Halloween addition.  It is definitely a   must have for your costume party this Halloween.  Note: this is not just for guests wanting   to pose in front of photos, but also to help you achieve your goal of   tricking or treating while you surprise them on the other side of the haunted   house full of skeletons!  The product   is self-inflated and deflated for easy set up and storage.

Halloween Catrina   table top

As mentioned above, the foreboding sky is the limit when decorating   for Halloween.  One topic that is   currently trending is creepy glamor with lots of sparkles, glitter and   metallics as decoration.  A glamorous   Halloween is the best theme if you want to shy away from the obvious holiday   staples like ghosts, pumpkins, and creepy crawly animals.  If you love the idea, then you can’t turn   the holiday into a nifty and elegant Halloween without the Catrina tabletop   from The Holiday Aisle!

Catrina wears a pink, flowing dress that gives her a classy   look.  It’s the right size (26.38   “H x 13.38” W x 7.48 “D) to add a special touch to your dining   table or mantelpiece.  Go glamorous and   pair this with skulls adorned with rhinestones to make your party a huge   hit!

Human   Skeleton Head Halloween Sculpture

The Ludgin Human Skeleton Head Halloween Sculpture is a life-size   human skull that we’re sure will get two thumbs up from Edgar Allan Poe as it   looks like it just came out of the crypt!    You can simply mount it on your mantelpiece or use it as a finishing   touch to your Halloween table decorations.

Since it looks gnarled in person, which is perfect for the   vacation, we recommend placing it next to a bowl of candy to spit out trick   or treating and test your fearlessness!    It is made from a durable designer polyresin for a lifetime and is the   right size with overall dimensions of 7 “H x 5.25” W x 8.5   “D

Giant See   Hear Speak No skeleton statue

This Halloween display with See-No, Hear-No, Speak-No Evil looks   like a real bag full of bones!  Put it on   your dining table to attract guests.    Since it’s a great Halloween decor, it can be displayed on your porch   for the scariest festive reception ever.    Would you like to have a killer entrance?  Have an artificial raven sit on top of this   skeleton statue.  But that may not suit   your style.  Don’t worry, you can make   your table decor fresh and easy by adding the top skull with a wreath of   fresh flowers!  Sprinkle the wreath   with water regularly so that it continues to bloom after the dead are   resurrected!

It measures 35.5 “H x 13.5” W x 13.5 “D and is a   unique display as it is hand poured from crushed stone glued with premium   designer resin.

See, hear,   speak no evil skeletal statue

A grimmer version of the bag we just introduced is the skeleton   statue “See, Hear, Speak, No Evil Skeleton”, also by Design   Toscano.  The statue has more details   that make it the perfect macabre gothic home display!  Since the skulls have eye sockets that   appear to be alive and stare right into your soul, this is the best way to   let Trick-or-Treatern know that you’re watching them closely!  It’s definitely the product that has the   scariest undead effect.

Since it measures 7 “H x 2.5” W x 3 “D, it is the   better option if your dining table is smaller.  It’s also lightweight, making it the   perfect addition to your table setting.