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Decorative Plates

Decorative Plates

Since decorative plates are usually not limited to just functional   styles and shapes, they can be used in a myriad shapes, sizes   and styles.  From   circles and squares to more specialized versions like elongated ovals,   rounded squares, and more, decorative panels (like all works of art) can come   in many shapes.

If you are looking for a specific shape and style for decorative   plates, Consider the following::

  •     How do you want your home to   feel??

From blue and white chinoiserie to strong black plates, decorative   plates can feel traditional, angular or neutral.  If you want something more   classicChoose a round plate with a floral or   landscape pattern.  if you want more   minimalistic, Design-forward   feelingIt’s a good idea to choose a bold geometric design or   textured panel in a neutral color.

  •     What other colors and shapes do you have in your   room??

Step back and look at the edges and lines that are already in your   home.  Are there mostly soft and   rounded edges like fluffy sofas, round carpets and round clocks?  If this is the case,   Selection of rounded decorative plates is a good   idea, like circles, ovals, or rounded squares.  If your house has a lot of hard lines, like   rectangular tables or bare window frames, Choose a square   plate: A long rectangle or square, for example to complement   the existing feel of your home.

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