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Guide to berber carpeting-pros and cons

Guide to berber carpeting-pros and cons

Berber   carpeting is one of the most popular carpeting   styles. Berber Carpeting has features of low   profile, loop pile structure that can have a flake of colors   throughout the fibers. The style of Berber Carpeting praises almost   any type of decoration, from country to contemporary.

In this article you will get an idea of Berber carpeting to help   you guide about it.


There are many reasons due to which Berber has become very popular   in home fashion. The first reason is that Berber is comparatively inexpensive   than cut-pile carpet. That doesn’t means that all Berber carpeting’s are   cheap quality, rather, Berber carpeting tends to offer more good quality   compared to other styles of carpet. There are some reasons for   this.

The first reason being Berbers are made from olefin fiber.   Olefin is less expensive than any other fibers   like nylon or wool.

Another reason that Berbers tend to offer quality products is that   they are less expensive to manufacture. All carpets starts as a looped style.   In order to achieve cut-piles like Saxony and friezes, the top of   the loops are cut-off.


Another main reason for Berber carpeting’s popularity is that   Berber is more durable than any other styles of residential carpeting. It is   very much true that a looped style is more durable, but be aware of   generalizing. A lower quality Berber will not be as much durable as a good   quality Saxony.


A great advantage of Berber carpeting is that it is gently easy   to clean. Because of its looped structure, spills are likely to sit on   top of the pile, so if you acquire to them early, you will probably be able   to stop them from going down into the fiber. Many Berber carpeting’s are   multi-colored, which makes them great in concealing soiling and any   blemishes that do occur.


One big disadvantage of Berber is its vulnerability to snagging.   With a looped structure, it is possible to get seized in the loop and pull it   out. It actually requires a bit of force to snag a Berber.

Berber Carpeting design   ideas

The modern classic Berber carpet comes in a simple block of   neutral colors that gives the fiber a more natural look. You can also go with   Berber style carpets with bold colors or that have an inherent design pattern   made by weaving loops of various colored fibers.