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Outdoor Tree Decorations

Outdoor Tree Decorations

Outdoor tree decorations can make a huge difference in the look of   your home.  Formerly mainly used as   winter holiday decorations, fairy lights can be used in any place in any   season.  They come in a variety of   sizes and styles, from standard Christmas tree lights and white fairy lights   to seasonal ornaments for holidays throughout the year.  With the addition of solar power and some   backup batteries, you can get lawn lighting even in the event of a power   outage – and get seasonal embellishments without adding to your electricity   bills.

Why lights for Christmas

Long ago, Christians put a candle in their window to show their   faith and to lead others to worship with them.  Or perhaps it was an even older custom,   like putting a candle in a window to guide travelers to a safe haven during   bitter winter storms.  Putting lights   on an evergreen tree symbolized that Jesus of Nazareth had brought light into   the world, and the tree showed that it was always green – just like the fir   trees.  Candles on an evergreen tree   were dangerous, however, as the flames could set the resinous branches on   fire.  Thomas Edison, the father of the   electric light bulb, created the first electric fairy lights – a safer way to   light a tree.

Extended use for decorative lights

Fairy lights are a quick and easy way to make a lawn more visible,   to recognize paths or to achieve a decorative effect.  One of the most common are the tiny white   fairy lights that can create works of art of deciduous trees that drop their   leaves.  However, as electric lights   have become cheaper to manufacture and maintain, seasonal ornamental lights   have been created such as small pumpkins, hearts, or just about any shape you   want.  Check out ten creative ways you   can use lights here.

Tropical   Illuminated Holographic Rope Light Palm Tree Decoration   Outdoor

This palm decoration stands on a square metal base with palm brown   lights that circle the main post upwards.    The lights follow a narrow path for a thin palm feel with four large   green palm leaves lighting up.  The   tops let you choose to turn them on or off as they also reflect light and add   a tropical feel to your porch.

LED   multi-function Christmas tree decoration outdoor lighted   display

The Christmas tree decorations are great for illuminating   snow-covered sidewalks.  The tree   canopy is a five point star that follows traditional designs with purple and   white lights to guide you in the night snow.    It is recommended that you use light-framed ground stakes to hold your   tree in place while the blue, green, orange, and red lights   flash.

Deluxe   Tropical Lighted Holographic Rope Light Outdoor Palm   Decoration

Wrapping a wide base with a narrow top gives any porch a tropical   feel at night.  This tree light is also   good for the pool area and brightens up the area at night to give the feeling   of being able to swim tropical.  The   lights rotate from a broad base to a narrow top area with a palm brown color   to the large green palm leaves.

Globe   Battery Operated String Lights with Timer

These soft white globe lights can light up any tree with a soft   glow.  At a distance, they can make a   widely branched tree look like ghost balls are harmlessly flying around   it.  It’s also great to hang on your   patio or outside stair railings where the lights give a sense of   comfort.  They run on batteries so you   don’t have to worry about extra cables lying around.

Little things   – Old Man Tree Hugger

Bring your tree to life with this old man’s face.  This decor is designed to give you a   concerned look while the tree watches everything that goes on.  It will draw attention to your tree.  The wood brown finish works best on   light-colored bark trees, but can be especially pronounced on dark wood.  With multiple pieces, you can make it   unique to your taste.

Meteor shower rain   lights

These hanging lights add an artistic feel to a sloping growth tree   and beautifully illuminate the area.    The warm white light brings the colors of your garden into the   distance of the night.  This piece can   also be hung on fences, adding some ambient light to your late-night outdoor   parties.

Garden gnome   front door in a tree

This is perfect against a tree in your gnome themed garden.  The piece brings some red to the mossy ground   and works with your gnomes and trees.    The door and window can be adjusted however you want.  The tree itself fits seamlessly into any   tree truck that is approximately 8 inches wide.  The sign on the door brings a “welcome   gnome” feeling to the area.

LED   outdoor lights 8 Tube Meteor Shower rain lights

Bring a room blue color to your garden with these Vmanoo hanging   lights.  Perfect for icicles or   raindrop effects, as well as for room effects with small floating meteors   that appear to be falling to the ground.    These lights can be hung on almost any landscape to bring safety and   light from the trees or light between plants on the ground.

Solar powered fairy   lights

The solar powered fairy lights can be placed where you need them   and can add shine to any tree in your garden.    The supplied solar panel ensures that these lights remain strong even   in the event of a power failure.  The   Powered String Lights are easy to place in any shape, but can create a   romantic atmosphere or light up your party in your garden.

White maple   tree with 264 LED lights

These are perfect for highlighting on your stone walkway or in   your low shrubbery plants while also providing lighting.  The White Maple Tree with 264 LED lights   brings life and color to your surroundings all year round.  With 3 different colors of lighting, you   can use this decor to set the mood or feel of your garden.