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Glueless laminate flooring – benefits and

Glueless laminate flooring – benefits and features

Laminate   floors are not wood, they are multilayered synthetic planks, which are wood   look-alike. Generally the laminate planks are installed by gluing the plank   on the subfloor. However, this makes installation process messy and complex,   as one needs to understand the chemical properties of the glue and laminate,   to make sure they gel well. This is only possible through professionals who   have been in this field for a couple of years. The question is, is there a   simpler way to do this? The answer comes in the form of glueless laminate   flooring. This kind of flooring is similar to laminate flooring, except that   one does not have to use to the glue to stick the laminate on the subfloor.   They could be laid firm by placing and locking mechanism which is unique to   the individual manufacturers. This kind of flooring is also known as floating   flooring.

Here we list down some of the benefits of the glueless laminate   flooring.

Cost Effective

The glueless laminate flooring is cheaper that it’s counterpart   and also other flooring options. The fact that one does not have to use the   glue, also makes the installation process easy, as a professional is not   required. A great deal could be saved on the labor charge. By the snap and   lock mechanism, one can easily set up the entire floor by   themselves.

Low maintenance

Unlike other types of wood flooring, the glueless laminate   flooring does not demand the use of waxing and polishing on a regular basis.   The laminate floors are already finished products which include a ply layer   and the transparent protective layer on top. These layers do not necessitate   the use of wax.

Post installation   cleaning

Unlike its counterpart, glueless laminate flooring does not   require cleaning up after the installation is complete. The usage of glue for   installing the laminate floors could leave quite a bit of mess if not cleaned   properly.

No breathing time

One can just start moving on the glueless laminate flooring after   installation. As seen with the other laminate flooring, one needs to wait for   2-3 days to before actually one could move on to the floor. This makes the   entire installation process quite complicated and cumbersome.

Damage control

The glue less laminate flooring works best in terms of damage   control when compared with the laminate flooring. All one needs to do is   remove the damaged laminate from the lock and re-install the new laminate.   It’s not as complex and messy as in the case of laminate flooring installed   using glue. Most of the laminate floors sold around the world are glueless   laminate flooring.