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Foldout Coffee Table

Foldout Coffee Table

What would we do without coffee tables in our living room?  Here are some perfect examples of   creatively designed coffee tables with foldable legs.  This type of table can be used in the   living room, play room, den, bedroom, or garden lounge.  It has a sturdy and durable   construction.  The fold-out coffee   table is made of hardwood with a beautiful veneer finish.  The coffee table top is available in a   variety of finishes including glass, marble, finely polished wood and   stainless steel.  It’s also available   in a variety of shapes including round, square, rectangular, and even   oval.

The versatile table can be folded up for easy storage or to   provide more space, especially when you are talking.  It’s also quite easy to assemble and   disassemble.

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