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Factors which effect carpet sales by

Factors which effect carpet sales by region

We   want to look at carpet sales by region in the world and in the United States   in this article and we note that there is a major difference in where carpet   is manufactured, bought and sold. There are many different reasons why people   may and may not want to use carpet which we will explore. I think that they   adequately explain why carpet sales vary across the US and in other   nations.

There are many overall factors which determine whether people   prefer or will choose to use carpet as the flooring of choice in their home   or place of business. Some of the reasons are practical, some are economic,   while others are purely aesthetic.

Why do use carpet?

Carpet is used mostly for its eye appeal. I adds greatly to the   warm and cozy effect that you want your home to have. This may be a more   important factor to people of a certain area or region such as in the United   States and is a great predictor of carpet sales by region.

Disadvantages of using   carpet:

  1. Carpet is more difficult to maintain than other types of flooring   and eventually it will become discolored and will need to be replaced. This   may not be practical is money is at a premium or if other factors are   perceived to be more important.
  2. Carpet is also notorious for being a magnet for dirt and dust   mites. It can hold allergens which may be harmful to certain people. Many   people will choose not to use it for these reasons.
  3. Carpet is an investment is that it will require the owner to have   to have it cleaned from time to time. It will eventually need to be replaced   which may or may not be a practical move for the owner.

Demand of carpet in different   region:

When we look at carpet sales by region in the world we will see   that the United States is the predominant user of this product. More than   fifty percent of the flooring installed in the United States is carpet as   compared to all of the other types of flooring combined.

Carpet is predominately manufactured and used in the United States   in the South East, and on the Eastern and Western Seaboards. Most of the   world’s carpet (eighty five percent) is manufactured in the United States   which partially accounts for its use there

Carpet is utilized primarily in Europe, Australia, and Asia in the   rest of the world but its sales are significantly lower than other types of   flooring. There are also many reasons for this. I believe that the most   influencing factor is the locations of most of the carpet makers who happen   to be in America. This means that if Asian or European countries want carpet   they will have to import it which will incur tariffs and fees which may not   be practical.

If we look at the carpet sales by region in the rest of the world   we will find that it is much lower in Arab and Oriental countries. Another   factor which may account for lower sales in these countries is that carpet   sales are also trendy and Arab and Oriental countries traditionally have more   conservative tastes.

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