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Creative Ways to Enhance Your Home’s
Entryway with Stylish Exterior Doors

Creative Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Entryway with Stylish Exterior Doors

There are many types of exterior doors.  Here are the main ones:


Also known as Swing doors, You are   the most common type with a hinge mechanism that   attaches them to the door frame.  They   open or close by pushing or pulling and are fairly smooth to use.

Double doors open in two ways:

  • 90 ° swivel: These doors usually open   at right angles to a wall or partition. They must be equipped   with 90 ° hinges.

  • Swivel 180 ° (also known as a right   angle opening): They open with full swing, which means They   come into the same angle when fully closed or fully open.   Special 180 ° hinges are used for these doors.  You can choose soft opening   hinges for improved performance of these entrance   doors.

There is two main flaws of pivoting   external doors:

  • The hinges can rust, corrode or deform under   climatic influences.    This affects the function of the door.

  • If it is a wooden or processed wooden door, it will be stretch   in heavy rainTherefore, it may not close properly or not at   all.

If any of the above happens to your door, you will need qualified   carpenter service.

Important: These house doors must not be confused with that   High performance swing doors commonly installed   in offices, shopping malls and other public places.


These doors slide into a straight line instead of   swinging 90 ° or 180 °.    When fully opened, they form a double layer with the adjacent door   panel.

Have sliding doors limited use as front   doors for safety and material reasons.  However, they are used together for other   outdoor areas such as Back doors and backyard   doors.

Sliding doors rest on aluminum or steel channels   attached to the floor.  The   base of these doors has metal or heavy duty plastic rollers that   facilitate the sliding movement.

Sliding doors are ideal for areas where there is not enough space   to open double doors.  As such, they   are excellent space saving.  Second, they’re good when ** security and   protection are not a major concern.    **

Energy efficient

Entrance doors can cause an enormous loss of   energy. Some types of doors offer better protection against   this loss than others.

Look at that Steel, fiberglass, and   vinyl Entrance doors for their exceptional   energy efficiency.  They are explained   in more detail in the Materials section.

Storm doors

This is the door in front of the outer   door.  If you want a   wooden front door, you can install a fiberglass storm door and thus   Prevent energy permeation to and from your   outside door. Enhanced security and protection   Rain, storm and snowfall are bonuses!

Note: If you are considering using glass in your front door,   You can improve energy efficiency by adding an insulating strip   to the edges.  This   method is called Sealing strips. Glass, which is   a good conductor, causes a lot of energy loss without this   measure.

Patio and French patio   doors

You are the Gates to your cherished   terrace. When you are in the back of your home, you can afford   to focus on its elegance and charm without having to worry about safety and   security.

Often, Patio doors are one-piece exterior doors made   from glass, fiberglass, or vinyl. They come in a variety of   designs to suit any type of patio ambience and decor.

French patio doors can be wing doors or fully   swinging doors.  Usually   they are Double doors, no individual units.  You can have the option only   open one door, not both.