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Creative Ways to Organize Your Dresser

Creative Ways to Organize Your Dresser

Do you want a spacious dresser that catches the eye?  => Horizontal

This is the most widely used design and the standard image that comes to mind when thinking of a dresser.

Basically, these chests of drawers extend horizontally and keep the height low. This leaves space to mount a mirror on top (or on the exposed wall above), making it ideal for dressing. In addition, you have a fairly large table space for additional storage space, which is ideal for your cosmetic and care products.

The only downside is that horizontal dressers take up a lot of space. They hug almost an entire wall to themselves, not to mention the space the drawers need to open.

Unless you plan the entire layout around the dresser, it can be a little tricky to accommodate without making your bedroom look cramped.

Little space in your bedroom?  => Vertical

If a standard dresser doesn’t fit in your bedroom, consider choosing a vertical dresser.

Vertical dresser, as the name suggests, is a vertical that extends vertically, with a single (or at most a double) stack of drawers extending upwards. This narrow width allows this dresser to fit in enclosed spaces like a corner of your bedroom.

Note, however, that reducing the length and increasing the height will reduce the available desk space, as well as the ability to mount a mirror.  Vertical dressers are therefore only suitable if you already have a wall mirror, preferably next to where you want to keep the dresser.

Do you also need a wardrobe in your dresser?  => Combo

Usually chests of drawers consist only of drawers.  However, sometimes you need a small closet to store things like electronics or photo albums that won’t easily fit in a drawer.  While you can always have a separate wardrobe to store these items in, opting for a combo dresser may be a better idea.

A combo dresser, or a man’s chest as it is sometimes called, is a dresser with both doors and different drawers. Not only does this save space in your bedroom that would otherwise be occupied by another closet, it also makes for a more efficient setup.