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Different types of laminated flooring

Different types of laminated flooring

Laminated   floorings are taking the flooring industry by storm. Their simple click-type   installation is one of the reasons for its overwhelming popularity. All you   are required to do is to fuse different types of materials and seal them   together. Due to this feasibility, the number of options you have when it   comes to laminated flooring is abundant. Eight from stone, tiles to wood, you   can pick anything you want.

As there are so many different types of options to choose from, we   have differentiated the different types based on their installation process   and different surface types. This will make it easier for you to understand   which type of laminated flooring will best suit your   requirement.

Types of Installation

Dividing different types of laminated floors on the basis of their   installation process will allow you to easily understand what kind of   flooring you need.

  • Glued Laminate- As the name suggests, the joints will require to   be glued for this type of laminates. While the resulting will be highly   durable, their installation time and cost is a lot higher as compared to   laminates that do not need glue for installation.
  • Glue-less Laminate- Majority of laminated floorings all over the   world are of the glue-less type. Many of the glue-less flooring come with   underpads which further makes the process easier and quick. However, some   types of laminate will require you to buy the underpads additionally. These   pads offer enhanced cushion to the flooring and also absorbs   sound.
  • Pre-glued Laminate- This type of laminate already has glue applied   on them. You simply need to moisten the glue and place the   flooring.

Types of Surface

This is also an ideal way to choose a laminated flooring. With the   type of look you want, you can easily choose the one from the wide-range of   available options.

  • Textured- These laminates have a textured finish. While they   cannot match with floors that actually feature grains and grooves, they do an   excellent job of fooling the eyes.
  • Smooth- They simply have a varnish-like finish, like hardwood   floors. There are different types of gloss finishes to choose from. You can   have low, medium and high gloss laminated floors.
  • Hand Scraped- While hardwood floors generally carried this type   of texture, the advancements in the flooring industry has now made it   available for laminated flooring as well.

Apart from the above mentioned installation and types of surface,   the world of laminated flooring is still evolving. Thus, it is better to wait   and watch if you are looking for something more unique.