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Bird House Ideas

Bird House Ideas

You can also use your aviary to attract your favorite type of   bird.  Note, however, that   Most bird houses are of a standard size to attract most small   to medium-sized bird types. The houses themselves are usually   about 12 cm high, 8 cm deep and 6 cm wide, which is suitable for many species   of birds.

The most important factor is how big the entry hole   is. The hole needs to be big enough for the bird you want to   attract, but small enough to keep larger birds and predators out.  For example a   Songbird would use a 1½ inch hole and Wrens   Like a 1 ¼ inch hole, according to bird experts.

Certain birds like certain types of birdhouse designs too.  For example,   robin like platforms / shelves and   Martins like apartment complex houses with   multiple openings.  The important step   is figuring out what type of habitat your favorite bird needs and buying   accordingly.

You can also search for bird houses based on the type of bird you   want to attract.  For example, if you   use “Owl Birdhouse” you may get a bird box made specifically for   Tawny Owl.

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