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Decorative Wheelbarrow Planter

Decorative Wheelbarrow Planter

Many homeowners today are beginning to see the value of decorating   their nature.  Landscaping has become   an important part of it.  Adding a   garden and a few planters to your property can definitely make your landscape   new.  Instead of using the average   planter for this, you can also use creative decorative wheelbarrow planter   designs that offer style and functionality at the same time.  You can make your own decorative   wheelbarrow planters from scratch.    However, it is recommended to buy ready-made planters as   well.

What to look for in decorative wheelbarrow   planters

Before choosing a decorative wheelbarrow planter, there are a few   important factors to consider.  First,   style is very important.  The   wheelbarrow shouldn’t just be a place to plant.  It’s also meant to help reshape your   landscape.  A boring average style   won’t work.  You need to choose   something more stylish and unique.  Antique   wheelbarrow designs bespoke just for you should really do that.  The size is also important.  You need to choose a wheelbarrow planter   that isn’t too big to clutter your yard or too small to hold a good number of   plants.  Finally, consider the type of   material.  Traditional wheelbarrows are   metallic.  But you can also find wood   designs that have been specially made for your garden.  Metallic designs offer more   durability.  Wood, on the other hand,   has its charm and can be easily adjusted to achieve perfect results.  If you live in a place with bad weather,   you can consider metal.

How to decorate the wheelbarrow planter

The rule of thumb is to make the wheelbarrow as colorful as   possible.  It is likely that the   planters are on a background of lush greenery.  Light colors go really well with such a   background.  You can also add your own   creative accents to make your wheelbarrow more attractive.  For example, try playing around with the   bike.  Old, vintage-style bikes are   highly recommended.  Do not overfill   the wheelbarrow.  You want it to be   visible for the best results.  Also mix   up the plants on the wheelbarrow.    Colorful flowering plants should do the magic.  In the event that you are looking for a   bespoke decorative wheelbarrow planter in the market, we have a few product   suggestions that may only be suitable for your landscape.

Leigh   Country Char-Log Pine Wheelbarrow Planter

The Leigh Country Char-log Pine Wheelbarrow Planter is a classic   and sophisticated design that can be used to grow multiple delicate   plants.  The wheelbarrow has a   rectangular shape and is made of high quality pine.  The warm brown finish fits easily into any   landscape, including your garden.  It   also has a vintage style wheel on the front to add to its   class.

Game and   stove wood wheelbarrow planter

This simple wheelbarrow planter is also made from 100% wood.  Its rustic design with a vintage style   wheel makes it perfect for your garden.    Use two wheelbarrows, one small and one large, for perfect   results.  The Play and Hearth Wood   wheelbarrow planter is ideal in an urban setting where you may be limited in   space.

Southern Pine   Wheelbarrow Planter

If you are thinking of creating the perfect decorative focal point   for your landscape and enhancing your outdoor life, this is the   wheelbarrow.  The wheelbarrow can be   used for two different functions.  You   can use it as a planter or as a shelf for other smaller planters.  Either way, it will deliver exceptional   beauty on your property.

Fir wheelbarrow   planter

The fir wheelbarrow planter is just a bundle of charms.  You can use it on different types of   plants.  The antique-looking fir wood   cart is complemented by an antique-style metal wheel.  The dark brown finish is spectacular   too.  The wheelbarrow is big enough for   a lot of plants.

Oakland   Living Cedar Wheelbarrow Planter

This construction is relatively unconventional compared to normal   wheelbarrows.  First, it has two big wheels.  It is a flower garden cart with a meshed   base and an open wooden frame.  The   wheelbarrow is very stylish and the perfect addition to any outdoor   environment.  The Oakland Living Cedar   Wheelbarrow Planter is also larger than many other wheelbarrows.  This makes it an outstanding object in any   landscape, patio or garden.

Goat steel   wheelbarrow planter

The goat steel wheelbarrow planter is also a unique design that   includes a steel goat and a small steel wheelbarrow cart.  Think of this as a horse pulling just one   cart, this time the goat is the horse and the wheelbarrow is the cart.  The steel can also be painted in different   colors.

Wooden wheelbarrow   planter

This Wood Wheelbarrow Planter is an old design that will really   take you back centuries.  The design is   quite simple, but also very unique.    The wheelbarrow also has two compartments that can be used as   planters.  It also has two ceremonial   wheels.  Although you can decorate the   wheelbarrow any way you want, its unique sturdy finish is always   ideal.

Steel wheelbarrow   planter

This steel wheelbarrow planter was designed with class in   mind.  It’s not actually your   traditional wheelbarrow, but it still has two basic wheels and a house-like   structure.  The wheelbarrow is ideally   used as a vase for outdoor flowers rather than a planter.  However, it is still magical no matter how   you use it.

The Besancon Rustic Metal Wheelbarrow Planter features a   carriage-shaped design with a unique faucet handle.  The silver finish with four silver wheels   makes it one of the most unique planters on this list.  The planter is also oval in shape and is   ideal for use on flowers and other colorful plants.

The Shanda Metal Wheelbarrow Planter with Grid is also another   creative, vintage-style design that resembles a bicycle.  The design consists of two flower pots, one   on the back and one on the front.    Another important feature is the large front wheel with detailed   workmanship.  The rear wheel planter   allows you to grow plants using the front wheel option as a   vase.