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Creative and Unique Candle Holder Ideas
for Your Home Decor

Creative and Unique Candle Holder Ideas for Your Home Decor

The type of candle holder you will need depends mainly on the type   of candles you plan to use.  Most   candle holders can only hold one type of candle, so you may have to buy some   others if you like variety.

Do you want something dramatic?  =>   Candelabra

Candelabra are undeniable Eye catcher   because they are often large and detailed.

Lots of people use them as a Centerpiece for the   dining tableor as a nice accent on the   mantelpiece.

You can easily find candelabra in Any   stylefrom vintage to modern to abstract.

Candelabra can hold multiple candles at the same   timeThis makes this candle holder a unique type – most other   holders can only hold one candle at a time.

You need to be careful not to let wax drip off the candelabra when   using it – the candles are usually held fairly high from the base, with   There is nowhere to hold the melted wax.

Because candelabras are so unique it can be difficult to find   other holders that you can easily mix and match – You’re better   off alone!

Do you prefer something fine?  => Sleeve

Sleeve candle holders are straight or curved glass   columns the house the candles in them.

you Completely enclose the candles to   prevent drafts from extinguishing them and to protect the surrounding area   from the flames.

They are the ideal option for Tea lights or smaller   pillar candles.

It is great easy to mix and match   Sleeve candle holders with other types as they are very simple in design and   fit in virtually any style and aesthetic.

Use dinner candles?    => Rejuvenation

Conical candle holders are designed for dinner   candlesthat are tall and thin, with very small   bases.

They’re often pretty similar in style to   candelabraHowever, you can only hold one candle at a time,   which makes them a little less impressive.

These holders can be used Place the candles on the   dining table or in space.

You can These holders are relatively easy to mix and   match since they have a pretty universal design, although it   can look a bit messy when you go over the top in   order to.

Do you use a lot of tea lights?  => Flat   bowl

A flat dish holder often looks very good similar to   a plate or an elongated bowland sometimes has small pins to   secure the candles in place.

They are great for Line tea lights   You can place several candles along this instead of needing a new holder for   each individual candle.

Mixing and matching with these candle holders is   incredibly easy as they are usually quite simple, with no   complicated designs.

However, they may be the most dangerous   Type of candle holder and the Candles aren’t really held in   place securely – Stay away from shallow dish racks when you   have small children or pets in the house!

Tea lights look good in too Glasses and small   individual holders that you can buy in sets or mix and match   to your heart’s content.