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Style and beauty with linoleum floor

Style and beauty with linoleum floor

Linoleum   floor is a natural kind of flooring with high quality durability, styling and   attractiveness. It is a versatile in round about more than 300 colors and an   unlimited range of designs. The designs are available in sheet and tiling   format.

These double UV cured finished floor can be installed at different   places in homes or offices with reasonable costs. This linoleum floor is   further categorized into two basic kind of flooring and these are as   under,

  • Acoustic linoleum
  • Conductive linoleum

Conducive Linoleum   Flooring:

Under this kind of linoleum floor higher requirements for   electrical conductivity are being achieved. This specialized feature brings   safety to each and every equipment which is high sensitivity values against   static electricity. This kind of flooring has 2.5 mm thickness and are the   best type of flooring to be laid in computer rooms and other places which are   equipped with sensitive machines or equipment. The conductive linoleum floor   is available in four basic color shades.

Acoustic Linoleum   Flooring:

The main feature of this kind of linoleum floor is its noise   reduction value. The basic reason behind noise reduction value is the   underlying insulating layer which is connected to the linoleum sheet, thus   bringing a noise reduction up to 17Db.

Usually two different varieties of acoustic linoleum flooring is   available in the market which are as under,

  • Marmoleum decibel
  • Marmoleum acoustic floor

Marmoleum decibel floor is available with a cork backing   equivalent to 14Db while Marmoleum Acoustic flooring is supported with a   polyolefine that provides sound reduction quality of 17 db.

Outstanding Designs Of Linoleum   Flooring:

The linoleum floor has extraordinary nature close designs that are   textured with so much fine finishing that they look just natural. The colors   and shade blending is done in such a realistic manner that nothing seems   artificial or fake. The lively shades of linoleum floor sometimes bring an   experience of crystals sparkling in rocks while some other time they will   reflect the impression of an emerald green lake. The bright and emerging   shades of lava splash through ages can also be acquired by designing the   floor with this divine style of flooring.

The linoleum floors are made with spectacular colors and   structures which has a capability of startling its users because these   natural looks are never achieved by any other kind of   flooring.

Glossy Finishing:

The linoleum floor is a master piece of finishing and refinement.   The gloss and glare of this floor made it close to a glass like texture.   Moreover, linoleum floors are also considered as the best type of floors for   sports courts.