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Creative Ways to Incorporate Accent Tiles
in Your Home Design

Creative Ways to Incorporate Accent Tiles in Your Home Design

Would you like to define a specific area in your kitchen or   bathroom?  Do you want to add more   depth to your shower?  Or maybe create   a mosaic pattern on that painfully bare wall?    Accent tiles can lead to an instant makeover and allow you to show off   your impressive attention to detail!

Given their almost magical powers, you certainly don’t want to   choose them randomly.  Imagine having   tiles that don’t actually burst, or worse, conflict with your existing   decor!

Follow our expert tips to choose accent tiles that can turn your   wall into a frescoed display.

2.   What is the best material for accent tiles?

Different materials can help you achieve a certain feeling or   effect.  However, if you plan to put   your accent tiles in a corner where they are likely to be   Exposed to moisture and wateryou should also   focus on practical issues like Durability and   porosity::

  •     Ceramics and porcelain are some of the   most common Wall tiles and can be very   detailed;  Porcelain tiles are the   safest option in areas of high humidity because they absorb water much more   slowly.
  •     Glass Tiles are durable, solid, and fairly   moisture-resistant;  Since their   surface isn’t as porous as other materials, it’s also a breeze to wipe and   care for (a boon for Shower walls!);  They are often characterized by bright   colors with unique hues and veins or crystal-like designs: ideal for an   elegant, luxurious feel;
  • Natural stone Tiles (usually marble,   slate, travertine, or granite) are long-lasting, unique beauties that can   help you create a demanding Take a look and   bring a bit of nature into your home.    However, because of their porosity, they are More   suitable for rooms or areas where moisture and water are not an   issue;;

  • Not as popular as more traditional and decorative options,   metal Tiles are incredibly durable and can   withstand moisture or temperature changes, making them a great candidate for   your modern style Kitchen backsplash;;  They are easy to clean, but just remember   to wipe them off immediately to avoid staining.

5.   Which accent tile pattern works best with my decor?

Regardless of whether you want to emphasize an area in your   kitchen, bathroom or a completely different room, First,   consider the colors of the wall, as well as the palette of the room::

  • Try and create one light and dark   contrast against the rest of the wall or tiles to make them   pop;

  • Choose the accent color from the   space’s existing palette if you want to keep it cohesive.

As for designs and patterns:

  • Solid tiles are great for modern or   minimalist spaces and, depending on the material, can help you focus on the   natural veins or shapes instead of a specific design.  They are a tasteful decorative choice if   you already have many other patterns and textures in the   field.

  • Pebbles or stones can complement the   seaside theme of your bathroom or bring a natural element to the   room;

  • Accent tiles with Food related   Designs are a popular choice in kitchens;

  • Mediterranean style Patterns create   an exotic yet warm and cozy feeling;

  • Natural designs are another classic   way to create a connection between your home and the outside world, and they   are very popular with mosaic-style models.    When choosing accent tiles, you will find that the most common natural   designs include plants and flowers.    However, you can find anything from the four elements to animals and   landscapes.