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Decorative Glass Bowls

Decorative Glass Bowls

Breathtaking glass works of art give your interior character and   class.  Large decorative glass bowls   can transform your home.  There are   many different types of decorative bowls that can be used on different types   of homes.  This guide will help you   find the decorative glass bowls that you are looking for.

What are decorative glass bowls?

A decorative glass bowl is a form of glass art used for interior   decoration and design.  The bowls vary   in size.  Some are small while others   are rather large.  The shells are   mainly used to emphasize the living room.    For many interior decorating experts, the bowls are a free accessory   that brings all of the decor together.    But it’s not just about getting online and buying the first decorative   bowls you come across.  Often times it   is recommended to choose the perfect design that rhymes with the interior of   your home.

How to properly display the bowls

If you are looking to invest money in decorative glass art, it is   only fair to make sure that you get it to show off in the best possible   way.  The key is to make the bowls the   focal point in the living room.  It has   to be the accessory that attracts the attention of people who walk into the   room.  In addition, you can add a   decorative bowl to your entrance.  If   you want to add more magic to the grandeur of this glass art, try   incorporating accent tables into the design as well.  Instead of having a giant glass bowl on the   dining table, consider adding an accent table in a corner of the room and   putting the glass art there.  Make sure   the bowls are also at a good height.    You want the beauty of glass art to impress everyone the moment they   walk in the room.  This is ensured by   placing the trays at the correct height.

What Kind of Decorative Glass Bowls Should You   Buy?

It really depends on your taste.    However, we recommend handmade glass bowls.  You are really unique.  Their unique touch will be a big plus for   your home.  Make the most of all your   options.  There is a lot of creativity   in decorative glass bowls these days.    Some designs may seem simple while others have the edgy appeal that   you have been looking for.  However, if   you don’t take the time to review all of the design options available, you   may not find what you want.  In case   you don’t have time to research, we’ve put together a list of 10 decorative   glass bowls for you to choose from.

The Cole Gray Decorative Glass Metal Bowl is a simple and creative   glass art with a sweet touch of iron.    The bowl consists of 70% glass and stands on a majestic iron stand for   support and functionality.  The black   iron does a great job of highlighting the transparent glass.  It’s a simple design that really catches   the eye.

Urban Designs   decorative glass bowl

This bowl is the perfect gift idea.  His style and craftsmanship are also   something to enjoy.  The art is perfect   for homes with unique decor.  Its contemporary   charm is highlighted by the lively turquoise, which can give any room a   lively hue.  It is the ultimate glass   bowl for everyone who likes something special.

Urban   Designs Rippled Decorative Glass Bowl

The Urban Designs Rippled Decorative Glass Bowl has a creative   ripple.  The bowl will be the perfect   centerpiece of the dining table.  It   can also be a good shelf accent for the kitchen or your home library.  The aqua coloring is stunning too and   offers just the right amount of charm for you.

Heavenly   decorative glass bowl with stand

As the name suggests, this glass bowl was developed to recreate   heavenly bodies.  Its flawless colors   and textures paired with outstanding craftsmanship are absolutely   amazing.  You also get a modern and   slim stand. The Celestial Decorative Glass Bowl with stand is perfect for   contemporary decoration designs.

The decorative bowl made of cole and gray metal glass is simple   with class combined with the ultimate decorative bowl.  It features a simple glass bowl with a   creative metal stand.  The unique lace   rollers on the iron stand make the bowl stand out.  The shiny surface of the iron is also a   great addition.

Cotto Swirl   Glass Decorative Bowl

If you want to create the best chic focal point, this is the bowl   for you.  It can be placed on the   coffee table or the foyer console.  In   any case, this cool shell offers an eye-catching display for everyone.  Make sure you add decorative balls for the   best results.  This gives your home a   new attractiveness.

Rose Cliff   Heights Coastal Glass Decorative Bowl

The Rose Cliff Heights Coastal Glass Decorative Bowl is an ornate   accent that goes perfectly with your dining table.  Contemporary art is designed to add a touch   to your decorating style.  The bowl is   handcrafted and its distinctive silhouette and smooth rounded bottom   perfectly complete the design with a touch of glamor and   excellence.

World   Menagerie Paisley Round Glass Decorative Bowl

This simple bowl can be used to add a touch of global and exotic   style to your interior.  This piece is   handcrafted in Turkey from 100% glass.    The botanical motif is presented with classic paisley accents   carefully crafted around a geometric border.    The bowl is topped with a nifty pop of color to kill   anyone.

Highland   Dunes Petersen Abstract glass decorative bowl

If you’ve always wanted the ideal conversation starter, this   Petersen Abstract Glass Decorative Bowl is your perfect choice.  Its bold, contemporary design makes it   ideal for any room in the home.  The   design is quite unique and charming too.

Bloomsbury   Market Modern Glass Decorative Bowl

The Bloomsbury Market Modern Glass Decorative Bowl is pure glass   art with a characteristic abstract pattern with a wavy silhouette.  Its bright blues, reds, and greens make it   the boldest focal point of food you’ve ever had.  The bowl can also be placed in the entrance   area to charm your guest as they enter.

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