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Understanding the qualities of solid wood

Understanding the qualities of solid wood

A   solid wood is a material most often used for making floors and all sorts of   furniture. The material is said to be very strong and durable. A solid wood   is different from an engineered wood. Also it refers to structures that are   basically solid and do not contain any hollow spaces. Furniture and floors   made up of solid wood is commonly preferred by individuals as the furniture   constructed is extremely strong, durable and stylish at the same time since   the designs and patterns used on the wood are trendy and   stylish.

Advantages Of Using Solid   Wood

There are many advantages of using solid wood in the making of   floors and furniture. The greatest advantage is that the wood is the same all   the way through and if the wood used is same then of course it is very easy   and convenient to repair if there is any damage. If the wood used in the   making is different than it is almost impossible to repair it. Secondly this   kind of wood is very strong to be used in any of the furniture and even   floors. Solid woods has the advantage of being the pure wood without any   other material mixed with the wood. However one of the disadvantages of   buying solid wood is the cost of buying. Solid woods and the products made   from this material are generally expensive.

Solid Wood Vs Engineered   Wood

As mentioned earlier solid wood is expensive to buy whereas the engineered   wood is not that expensive. Products made from solid wood is not mixed with   any other material during its making. On the other hand, products made with   engineered wood consists of wood strands that are mixed with fibers,   adhesives and other composite materials.

Solid Wood Vs Hollow   Wood

Hollow wood is different from a solid wood in a way that solid   wood do not contain any hollow spaces or gaps. Hollow core doors are actually   made form hollow wood that is a wood material which consists of hollow   spaces. Of course products like doors made up of hollow wood are easier to   install and cheaper to buy. However products made from solid wood has a lot   of advantages as compared to the products made from hollow wood. Solid wood   doors are strong, cannot be easily broken and fire resistant. Also the doors   do not allow sound to pass through them.