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Rich and Timeless: The Allure of Dark
Walnut Furniture

Rich and Timeless: The Allure of Dark Walnut Furniture

Furnishing a home can be a challenge, especially when you need to make sure you get a coordinated appearance within the space you get.  Fortunately, you can easily get the job done with dark walnut furniture!  Dark walnut is an admired hardwood in the furniture trade, especially in the United States.  It is valued for its beautiful color and high workability which is appreciated by woodworkers.  No wonder why it is such a sought-after hardwood.  It is also true that choosing dark walnut furniture makes decorating a home easier, but there are still general rules that you need to be careful about.  That is exactly what we will discuss below.

Size and scale

It might seem obvious, but you need to be serious about surveying your space as it is an essential step in choosing valuable pieces of furniture.  First, compare the dimensions of a piece of furniture with the size of your room.  Remember to think about how the furniture achieves its placement as well.  Is your door big enough?  Do you have narrow stairwells or hallways?  If space is an issue, we recommend considering modular furniture.  The sets come in pieces so you can customize them to suit your style preferences or space.


The dark walnut you are looking for might just be the finish of furniture.  Therefore, you have to choose between MDF wood, solid wood, hardwood and wood veneer as the main material for making a piece of furniture.  Your most expensive and long-lasting options are solid wood and hardwoods.  They are known for their stability and strength.  If you are on a budget, wood veneer and MDF are the best options.
Now that you know the important considerations to consider when purchasing dark walnut furniture, it is high time you picked one or more pieces from our list of the best dark walnut furniture available!

Artiaga Dark Walnut Sideboard

If you’re looking for a nice sideboard option, you’d better get it from Latitude Run.  This one, the Artiaga sideboard, is a favorite among style-conscious homeowners.  The entire piece is finished with a dark walnut veneer, giving it just the right texture that is perfect for any dining room.  It also comes with silver hardware that doesn’t disappoint.

Bookcase made of dark walnut étagère

If you value beauty and functionality, the Zipcode Design étagère bookcase in a dark walnut finish is exactly what you are looking for.  It’s one of the few pieces of furniture that can pull a room together.  With its industrial look, it’s the perfect piece for a mid-century farmhouse or loft.

Sheila wardrobe made of dark walnut wood

The Sheila wardrobe from Latitude Run naturally has a dark walnut finish.  With that said, it will add a subtle touch of style to your mudroom.  The reviewers loved that it comes with four adjustable hooks.  Personally, we love the compact, modern design that is sure to impress you!

Auberta dining table made of dark walnut wood

This country-style Auberta dining table and bench in dark walnut from Darby Home Co will give your entire household an elegant and smooth wooden surface in which to dine and chat.  Most high-quality tables and benches cost more than $ 1,000, but this compact designer dining set is a steal for its incredibly affordable price.  You can use the table to create a POI in your open space.

Dark Walnut 5 Drawer Chest

This antique-looking drawer box is made of beautiful dark walnut wood and offers a timeless, elegant ambience that goes well with both traditional and modern interiors.  This piece is made of solid wood and covered with birch wood veneer.  With its massive storage space and metal side rails, you can include this part in your master suite.

Slye Dark Walnut Bent Wood 5-piece dining set

The Scandinavians certainly knew something about rough-hewn woods and that is exactly what you will think of when you take a look at the hardwood that makes up this solid dining set.  This 5-piece set for the dining room is asking for it to come to your home.  With its simplicity, clear lines, beveled edges, elegant wooden legs and above all the dark walnut finish, you are guaranteed to get plus points when you have guests.

Appleby Transitional 2-drawer filing cabinet made of dark walnut wood

This is a statement.  It has an elegant feel, which is mainly due to the traditional design and the oak veneer with a dark walnut finish.  The scoop handles add an interesting twist to the fussy design, which is convenient for a filing cabinet and gives you a large capacity.  It is a 2-drawer unit that measures 31 x 21 x 24 inches in total.

Walnut quilt rack

Are you looking for a quilt rack that can also function as a work of art?  If so, then this piece of wood, with a natural walnut finish and curved silhouette, will grab your attention as it is an eye-catching piece.  In fact, your entire household and guests will get your permission before they use or even touch it.  Even so, the sturdy craftsmanship is what makes this piece worth the investment.

Walnut half-moon console table

If your home is full of bright furniture, this half moon console table looks a little out of place.  However, if you are a fan of country style furniture made from dark walnut, this is the perfect console table for your space.  Despite its minimal design, it exudes a sense of majesty.  Cover this table with an expensive lamp or even a neutral ornament.  In both cases, you can easily upgrade your home with this table.

Furniture foosball

This classy looking foosball table is the best play space you can get in a long time.  It is designed as a piece of furniture with its classic, carved accents.  What makes this a great buy, however, is its ability to offer a super strong playing surface that is perfect for fans of foosball games.  Since it measures 35 x 55 x 30 inches, you no longer have to worry about filling your mancave slash playroom!