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Creative ideas for bedroom designs

Creative ideas for bedroom designs

Most of the modern bedrooms these   days follow a theme which is a part of the interior design and evident all   around the house and especially in the bedroom designs. The modern bedroom   designs are simpler in nature and calls for more open space than in   traditional designs. The idea is to create a flow of space rather than   cramming the space with all the unnecessary décor. Furniture is kept   minimalistic and the theme is kept light and soothing. Gaudy themes and   colours are avoided so that the room looks more spacious.

Some important components   that give flow to the design are:


Furniture is driven by   relaxation, style and comfort. A contemporary design will always incorporate   a light furniture into the design which meets all the needs as well as is   compact in nature.


Accessories will include   rugs, carpets, wall hangings, lighting, indoor plants etc.

Window   Décor

Windows can easily become a   centre of attraction for your bedroom. You can use roman shades, long or   short curtains etc. according to your style and taste to ensure privacy and   simultaneously enhance the beauty of your bedroom. Window treatment depends   on: size of the room and the windows, amount of natural light pouring in,   interior design of the bedroom itself etc.


You can incorporate   wardrobes or opt for bed set with in built boxes. You can also utilise wall   units, drawers, free standing rails etc. to fulfil you storage   requirement.

You can be as creative as   you wish to be while setting up your bedroom and the results can be   extraordinary.

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