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Solid Wood Computer Armoire

Solid Wood Computer Armoire

A solid wood computer cabinet offers an excellent workplace and is   an asset to your interior.  They come   in a variety of styles, most of which do not resemble the standardized   “computer desk” of your local department store.  You can turn this technology, which can   clutter your work area, into an imposing facility that will add elegance and   grace to any room.  Better still, a   well-designed workspace can make your efforts more efficient, while working   in an imposing workspace enhances your business presentation – whether   virtual or face-to-face.  Your computer   desk should reflect your professionalism and expertise.

Choosing your computer desk

People who work with computers are not all the same and have no   requirements for their computer desk.    Some may require space for a tower or desktop unit, while others may   have a paper-thin laptop desk.  Some   people do most of their work virtually, others may do some of their work by   hand using traditional materials and a scanner, or need hardback reference   books.  The laptop unit takes up very   little space, while the traditional materials require shelves or filing   drawers to keep the work area tidy.    The required storage space affects the space required on the computer   desk.

Match your decor

Not every home has a particular decor, but many do.  If your home is shabby chic, you can have   plenty of it when choosing your computer desk.  However, if your interior design is heavily   inspired by Victorian, Edwardian, or Tudor, you have more constraints on the   appropriate choice for a computer desk.    Cottage or land also has restrictions on design.

Make it sturdy

Solid is a good operational word for computer desk – no one likes   it when thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment fall down in a   loud crash.  Fortunately,   “Solid” is the best term for the following choices at the computer   desk.  You don’t have a choice either –   they come in all sorts of styles.  Some   brazenly present themselves as computer desks, while others are suitable for   hiding the technology behind doors so as not to conflict with a historical   topic.  From imposing solid to   minimalist features, the options below are sure to find a computer workspace   that suits your personality and home decor.    You won’t be disappointed with the variety of style, size and work   space.

Desk with hutch

It doesn’t take much to transform this Eusebio by Harriet Bee –   Hutch, required for assembly, into a computer desk.  The basics are already in place – the   desktop, a utility drawer, and three left sorting drawers, plus (of course)   the stable.  Use a drill bit to add   small holes in the back of the computer desk so you can pull the power supply   through – or add a surge protection strip.

High performance   desk

Pre-assembled, large, dark cabinet with a fold-down desk takes   very little to convert into a computer desk.    Access holes can be easily hidden in the back of the desk area, and   the deep filing drawers can accommodate legal-sized files.  It was designed by Sunny Designs and is an   excellent addition to a Victorian style room.

Vanity turned   desk

Harriet Bee’s classic Eustice design, this rotated desk, will   delight any female executive, from junior high class treasurer to active CEO   of the company.  The side panels have   shelves at the top and a row of drawers with a center drawer at the   bottom.  Instead of a cosmetic mirror,   the back is a sheet of cork that is suitable for pinning notes and sorting   ideas.  No wiring holes required – the   back is open between the desktop and the cork board.

Hideaway laptop   desk

Your computer desk doesn’t have to scream “modern”, it just has to   be functional.  The Anteus Armoire Desk   by Gracie Oaks looks like an ordinary closet when the fold-down desk is in   the upper position and the doors are closed.    However, it is just the place to hide a state-of-the-art laptop or   tablet that is ready to use right out of the box.

Hand painted   secretary

If you love old world charm you will be amazed by this hand   painted cabinet with birds and flowers.    If one exudes the virtue of handwritten letters, it is easy to hide a   laptop, while the drawers can hold handy supplies for handwritten notes.  The specifics of the design may vary   slightly as it is actually hand painted.

Concealed computer   desk

When closed, this piece of furniture looks like an old-fashioned   wardrobe or similar piece of furniture.    When opened, the D-Art Collection computer cabinet reveals a pull-out   seat, a sturdy desk area, spacious pigeon holes, an upper bookshelf and side   rooms suitable for a computer tower and a printer unit.

Pedestal desk and   hutch

Your home office has never looked better than with this Crafts   Pedestal Cottage style desk and stall from Home Styles.  The wood is oak colored, with a formal   hutch above, a filing drawer to the right under the desk, and a knee hole for   a computer tower to the left.  The   device is already prepared for cabling.

Double pedestal desk   Hutch

Enjoy an Eagle Ridge double pedestal solid wood desk with a   Caribbean rum finish.  The upper stall   has doors to hide private (or just plain messy) items, and the plinths   contain drawers.  The center can easily   carry a laptop unit and has pull-out side compartments for additional work   space.  It goes well with cottage or a   shabby chic interior design.

Cherry Finish   computer cabinet

It looks like an old fashioned wardrobe, but when you open it,   it’s the Brookhaven Computer Cabinet from Hooker Furniture.  The clear cherry finish is suitable for any   boudoir or salon.  Professional   assembly on request.  Overall, it’s a   solid piece of furniture that is meant to become a family   heirloom.

Slim, replacement, corner   stable

The side cabinet and bookcase of the Cabot corner offer minimalist   access to a beautiful office corner.    The dark wood might stand out against a pale background, and the desk   and bookcase provide ample storage and work space.  The computer desk is on the other side of   the corner and accessible from both sides.    Deep drawers provide space for hanging files.