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Computer Desk Ideas

Computer Desk Ideas

Another important aspect is the shape of the desk.  Computer desks can come in three main   forms: L-shape, long and compact.  

If you plan to put your desk in the corner, an   L-shaped desk is often a great way to add extra work space without wasting   space. This style is also wonderful if you tend to have a lot   of different printed matter and memos around, as you can organize them in   more visible places as you see fit.  As   mentioned above, if you have items like a larger computer or printer, they   are also great ways to organize your many devices around you.

Long desks usually work if you don’t want to place   them against the wall so that they point to the center of the   room.  If you have people meeting with   you as part of a self-employment situation or homework, long desks are good   for these purposes.  Long desks,   however, also work along narrow wall surfaces.

Compact desks Cover anything that is   meant to be a small surface for a laptop.    These are good for to match the side of a kitchen,   living room or dining room.  You can   also work in hallways.    They are well suited for small offices or   micro-offices.