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Benefits of using sisal rugs

Benefits of using sisal rugs

Sisal   is a fiber that is stronger than jute. It is more durable than any other   natural fiber. This fiber is not only preferred to be used in ropes and   carpets but is also used in rugs. SISAL RUGS are made from sisal which is a   natural plant fiber and the rugs are said to be durable, strong and   beautiful. The designs, patterns and colors used on these sisal rugs are so   eye catching that it can give a lasting addition to rooms where they are   placed since using these rugs hold a lot of advantages.

There are several benefits of using sisal rugs over other rugs.   First of all sisal rugs are naturally stain resistant and won’t compress   easily as it is said to be durable. Secondly these rugs are versatile as it   can be made by using more than one fiber so this can actually give combined   benefits of all the fibers used. Another benefit of using these rugs are that   they can actually help regulate the changes in humidity as these rugs have   the ability to absorb excess moisture from the surrounding air and then   releasing it back on dry days. Most importantly the edges of sisal rugs can   be trimmed in any fabric or any color can be used to suit the rooms’   furniture. This benefit of rugs being customized can actually attract people   to buy them for their home décor.

However sisal is an organic material which can develop water   stains so it is highly advisable to not place them in wet areas such as   bathrooms and kitchen.

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