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Get the full privilege of bed come sofa
for your living room

Get the full privilege of bed come sofa for your living room

Sofa   beds have seen changes over the years. The designs are further improved to   allow for additional functionality and comfort. Today, you’ll find sofa beds   that can be used for all sorts aside from sleeping and sitting. The sofa cum   bed is in this category. They are sofa beds that carry the dual   functionality. You’ll find these groups of sofa beds useful if you love to   free up space.  They are in different forms and shapes.

Sofa cum bed description

The sofa cum bed is a sofa bed that gives at least one additional   capability when converted to a bed. A look at the contemporary designs shows   that the typical cum bed is designed with a pull out mechanism from the   bottom of the sofa seat. The sofa seat and the pulled out parts form the   mattress. You will find the bed come sofa to be wooden frame majorly, though   there might be metals for the joints but these are doubtful as everything   appears wooden.

Sofa cum bed with   storage

The major addition you’ll find with sofa cum bed is the storage   compartments in different locations of the bed. if you have the simple twin   mattress pull out type, the storage is often located at the footrest end. A   pull up with the leather handle will reveal this compartment. For a sectional   sofa bed, you would most likely have an extensive storage large enough to   store beddings and other clothing. Some storage are so large that they are   divided into sections for different items.

Advantages of sofa cum   bed

It is clearly seen that a bed come sofa has a lot of advantages.   To talk of a dual functionality is to limit the usefulness of this sofa beds.   For your small room size, there is no need to bother with the plan for a   storage place, an extra bed, and chairs. The sofa cum bed takes care of all   that for you. The simplicity of the sofa cum bed to convert to a bed makes it   a choice for many sofa bed lovers.