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Baby Gate Ideas

Baby Gate Ideas

A baby gate is an important safety product that prevents migrating   toddlers from throwing themselves into a cucumber.  There are many versions on the market, but   not all will best suit your needs.    Below are six expert tips to help you choose the perfect baby gate for   your family.

Which   safety features are most important for baby gates?

  • Look for a JPMA   certification.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association seals all   certified baby products.  This means   that the product has been tested by an independent third-party facility and   meets the requirements ASTM International   guidelines. ASTM International was formerly known as the   American Society for Testing and Materials and is an organization that   creates and sells technical standards for a wide variety of products.  

  • Understand the safety standards and check the   openings.

ASTM International gets specific with standards and addresses   issues involving the bottom clearance of a baby gate.  If the standards are met, the distance   between the bottom of the gate and the floor should be less   than three inches to avoid your baby’s head or torso getting   stuck.  Also the baby   Gate slots should also be three inches apart. to   prevent small arms and legs from getting stuck.

  • Avoid using certain gate   styles.

Accordion style gates If there are   missing upper fill bars and gates with horizontal slats (which can be used as   step stools), your baby is at risk.  If   you want to buy a baby gate with mesh inserts, just choose a   fine fabric – Anything that is perforated too far can pinch   your baby’s fingers and toes and provide a support for your baby to   climb.

How big does   a baby gate have to be?

Your baby gate should be in accordance with ASTM International   standards at least 22 cm tall. However, this is   a standard guideline, and you should consider your baby’s size to reduce the   risk of them climbing over the gate.

As your baby grows, customize your Baby Gate product.  Always look for a gate that is at least the   size of your baby.  However, once your   child is two or three years old, you probably no longer need a baby gate.  

How to Choose   Baby Gate Materials?

Baby gates are made of different materials:

Some plastic options can contain chemicals and other toxins that   are unsafe for your baby.  To avoid   purchasing such a product, look for labels that indicate it   PVC-free from polyvinyl   chloride.

Wood is a popular choice for many reasons, including its lighter   weight and Forgive edges if / when your toddler   comes across it.  However, there is   also an unfinished wooden gate Ideal if you want to color it or   paint it to match your existing interior.

Metal gates are The safest, most durable and most   robust material used for baby gates.  They can be placed anywhere and if your   interior is minimalist or industrial a metal gate will fit right   in.

What   are the different types of baby gates?

  • Pressure-mounted baby   gate.

This baby gate style is super easy to install – you just place it   in a door frame or between two walls and it’s held in place with   pressure.  This is a great option if   you need to a mobile baby gate You can quickly   grab it and move to another room.    However, it is important to understand that this style of gate is not   attached to the wall or door frame not quite   sure. To fix this problem, only use this type of baby gate in   places where falls are unlikely and No way Place   this baby gate on top of your stairs.

  • Hardware-mounted baby   gate.

This style of gate is anchored to your walls with both of them   Brackets or screws, That means you can trust its   security – this style won’t shift when your baby pats on   it. This is the safer of the two options and should be used in   rooms where falls are likely.  The top   of the stairs should have a hardware-mounted baby gate.

How to Choose Baby   Gate Colors?

Some gate materials may not have the aesthetics you’re looking   for, but you have a few options to fix this.    Unfinished wood can be matched to your decor with a little paint or   your favorite stain.  Although you will   find that many gates have neutral colors, there are styles that include   colors.  For example, colored metal can   provide you with a safe, sturdy gate that also doubles as an accent element   for your overall color scheme.

How do you   choose the right baby gate bolt?

Some baby gates are equipped with double-acting   latch, That said, you need to press down with one hand before   you can let go of it.  Have other   styles Pressure relief handles that can be   lifted to open with one hand.  Some   doors have additional security features, such as: a display   panel this clearly shows when the baby gate is securely   locked.  You can test different baby   gate bolts in the store – if you choose the right bolt for you,   Make sure it can be easily opened by non-baby members of your   household. But it is not easy for your baby to wiggle and   figure out.

Last word

Understanding the safety standards is the most important aspect in   choosing the right baby gate for your needs.    There are a number of guidelines you can use to decide which type of   gate you need.  When you bring your new   baby gate home, take the time it takes to follow the installation   instructions to avoid any danger.  And   don’t forget to lock your new baby gate every time you leave the room!

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