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Wool carpet: long lasting, cost effective
and comfortable

Wool carpet: long lasting, cost effective and comfortable

One   may initially think that there aren’t many options beyond synthetic carpeting   on the market today. After a little investigating, you are bound to come   across a great alternative: Wool carpet. Yes, carpet made of wool is a great   choice for flooring in your home. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of   wool as a material for your carpeting.

An option we may not have   considered

First, let’s get the economics of the matter out of the way. Yes,   wool carpet costs more than synthetic. But don’t stop there. What’s the life   span of wool vs synthetic? Sources say that after seven years, one should   start considering replacing a synthetic carpet. Wool carpet, on the other   hand, lasts from 20-25 years. So in theory, you could replace a synthetic   carpet up to three times and still have that same wool carpet serving you.   It’s hard to ignore numbers like that.

What makes wool carpet so   desirable?

Now let’s examine some of the characteristics that set wool carpet   apart from the rest. Being a natural fiber, wool carpet cleans easy and is   not a haven for dust mites or other allergens. You will also find wool to be   flame resistant. It’s simply difficult to ignite, which should be a comfort   for anyone. In fact, wool is naturally self-extinguishing, which is why   casinos and airlines prefer it as their carpeting. It’s also very comfortable   and environmentally friendly. You won’t have that synthetic smell filling   your house for the first several weeks after installation like you would with   a synthetic carpet. Wool carpeting comes in a variety of colors, from earth   tones to reds, blues, greens, the whole spectrum.

A purchase that makes   sense

Yes, wool carpet does seem to be a higher end product, but it’s   not only a wise investment from an economic standpoint, it also makes sense   from a practical use perspective as well. It’s as safe and user friendly of a   carpet as one would find on the market today. The ease in which a wool carpet   can be cleaned only adds to its practicality. Then you add in the comfort   from having such a plush product underfoot in your home and you are sure to   find yourself wondering why you waited so long to install that wool   carpet.

Wool carpet is a great option for flooring. Not only does it give   you piece of mind in its practicality, it also sets you apart with its   elegance and attractiveness.