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Wood flooring – the good ol’ décor

Wood flooring – the good ol’ décor element

First   impressions have a lasting impact on the mind, more so where décor is   concerned. Flooring is one of the most eye-catching of elements that sets the   tone of the décor theme. The theme could be of pastel hues or more bold with   attention grabbing splash of colours and textures. Of late the flooring   preferences have undergone a shift from the carpeted floors to the wooden   ones- the apparent reason being the versatility of wood in terms of   appearance ,durability, maintenance, hygiene and the immense value it adds to   the property.


An earthy ethnic décor has always found favor among people. This   calls for a strong earthy flooring.  Wooden flooring is the natural   choice for its natural profile, warmth and aesthetic appeal. Wood is   extremely versatile and can blend well with various architectural styles and   décor incorporating different material like brass, bronze, natural stones and   fabric. Wood flooring, especially the engineered wood flooring, enhances   acoustics as the sound waves are not reflected back as is the case with tiles   and shiny surfaces.


Wood flooring has a strong surface which can withstand rough usage   especially when there are pets and children around. Wood flooring is milled   from timber that is kiln or air dried and cured before sawing into planks.   These are then sanded and finished with lacquering. The anti-termite   treatment helps preserve the longevity of the wood. While carpeted floors and   tiles require replacement, wood flooring once installed stays put for   hundreds of years.

Maintenance and hygiene

Wood flooring is relatively easy to clean and maintain unlike   carpeted floors and tiles. Mopping, dusting regularly with a cloth mop or   vacuuming is sufficient to pet hair and dust particles. Occasionally availing   professional help will enhance its lustrous health. Wood being natural, it   absorbs odors and does not encourage the growth of allergens which is the   main concern with carpeted floors.  It has the added benefit of being   soft on the knees.

Added value

The varied colors and textures lend a rich character, warmth and a   truly distinctive timeless appeal to the décor. Less costly modern production   methods have made the wood flooring pocket friendly. The houses with wood   flooring have a very high resale value and sell twice as easily as those with   other flooring options. This good ol’ décor element may cost a little higher   but, in the long run, it is the best investment in terms of aesthetics,   durability, family health and the added value of the   property.

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