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Why engineered oak flooring is better
than other wood flooring?

Why engineered oak flooring is better than other wood flooring?

Wood   flooring is a classic beauty for any house. Considering its durability it   becomes an obvious choice for many. Though it is very easy to maintain wood   flooring, it has its own drawbacks. A new type of wood flooring which is   modified version of wood, has been introduced in market. This has received   lot of accolades and is in higher demand than conventional wood flooring.   This new type of flooring is called engineered oak flooring.

Why prefer engineered oak   flooring?

Normal wood flooring is not compatible with all types of weather   conditions. It is said to get harmed easily by exposure to more or less than   average humidity. Engineered oak flooring sustains against humidity easily.   Since it is designed accordingly to adverse conditions it is suitable in all   weather conditions. Also, all of the wood is used in making of this kind of   flooring, and nothing is wasted. This makes it more eco-friendly. This would   be a lucrative for all nature lovers.

What is engineered oak   flooring?

Engineered oak flooring is fusion of multiple layers of wood   (plies) under heat and pressure. The layers are usually arranged   perpendicular to each other as doing that increases the strength of the   flooring. Thin layers of wood are brought together to make this. While   installing this flooring, a thick wear layer is made, which prevents the   damage of wood from physical wear and tear. This floor has higher density   than natural wood, making it stronger and better to use. This flooring can be   directly glued on tile flooring or stone flooring. This saves the expenditure   of demolishing the existing flooring. The only condition is the base should   be flat.

Things to keep in mind while   flooring

  1. Plank Size: Plank sizes for flooring come in various sizes. You   can choose among the options available which size goes along with your house.   Small plank sizes in rectangular shape gives a formal and office like look,   while large planks give you a farm-house like look. So size of the plank   matters when It comes to looks.
  2. Stain: Engineered oak flooring comes in various colors and   stains. Depending on whether you want a lighter tone or darker, you can   choose a particular stain for your home décor.
  3. Quantity: Always order 10% more planks than the exact carpet area   of the house to be on the safer side.