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What is an unfinished hardwood flooring?

What is an unfinished hardwood flooring?

Unfinished   hardwood flooring comes in its natural state which means that everything from   sanding, staining to finishing has to be done after the installation. These   type of unfinished hardwood flooring has a lot of advantages as well as   disadvantages. Individuals these days prefer installing prefinished hardwood   flooring instead of an unfinished one since prefinished is easier and of   course convenient to install.

Advantages Of Installing Unfinished Hardwood   Flooring

There are several advantages and benefits of installing unfinished   hardwood floors instead of prefinished ones. First of all these unfinished   floors are easier to match the interior decoration of the house. Secondly it   becomes easier for the installer to do customized elements. Also there are   some wood species that are only available for unfinished hardwood flooring.   Most importantly unfinished hardwood flooring is less expensive than   prefinished hardwood flooring. In short installing unfinished hardwood floors   can be beneficial and is not at all necessary to install prefinished   ones.

Benefits Of Installing Prefinished Floors Over   Unifinished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished hardwood flooring refers to the floors that have coats   applied during manufacturing of the floors. In other words prefinished   hardwood flooring is also known as factory-applied finish which is of course   faster, easier and performs better over time. The protective coats are   applied and then the floors are left for some time to dry. The floors are   coated with aluminum oxide urethane to keep the wood floorings durable and to   preserve its color. These prefinished hardwood floors are scratch resistant   as well as stain resistant.

There are several advantages of installing prefinished hardwood   floorings. Some of the advantages are as follows. First of all it takes less   time to install as the floorings are all ready to be installed. Secondly no   drying or curing time is required. Also no strong odors or dust from sanding   during installation. These prefinished hardwood floors comes with warranty   against any defects, hence it can be repaired by the company itself. Most   importantly these prefinished floors can be refinished multiple times and no   need for the families to be relocated during finishing. Due to these long   term benefits, most of the people nowadays prefer installing prefinished   floorings instead of an unfinished wood flooring.

Wide Range Of Variety Of Colors For Unfinished   Hardwood Flooring

There is a wide range of variety of colors available for   unfinished hardwood flooring. Some of the most commonly preferred colors are   as follows. American cherry which is a deep reddish brown color, clear beech   color which has a natural pinkish yellow tone and walnut which is a rich   natural chocolate brown color.

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