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What Color Is Cherry Wood

What Color Is Cherry Wood

What color is cherry wood?  That’s a really good question, especially since less expensive woods such as pine are often stained cherry-like.  Hence, the table you always thought was cherry wood might actually be a simple pine with a cherry colored stain.  So what color is cherry really?  That depends on which part of the tree it comes from.  The heartwood is a rich, warm reddish brown.  Natural cherry wood can have small imperfections, such as resin pockets and brown marrow marks.  The sapwood is creamy white.  Both get darker with age.  The result is rich, warm-toned wood that can be made into beautiful table tops or veneer for smaller woods.  In contrast, a cherry-colored stain can give ordinary pine or fires a warm hue, but does not result in the rich side-by-side color changes inherent in real wood.  Real cherry wood is beautiful stuff, so it’s no wonder people want other woods to look similar.  But now that you know, you can judge for yourself whether a chair or table is made of real cherry wood, or whether it is a lesser wood that has been stained to make it look like cherry.  Either option can make beautiful furniture, and the stained pine or fur can have interesting wood grain patterns.  However, being aware of the difference can help in finding the “just right” piece of furniture to complete a room’s decor.  Cherry is a hardwood that can be used to make many different beautiful things.  It is often appreciated as a bedroom suite or as a formal dining table.  It does a good job as load-bearing timber, so it’s also useful in making chairs or benches.  After all, with its interesting patterns and imperfections, it is a wonderful wood to use to create works of art that depend on an interesting wood grain.

“What if?”  Cherry wood Art

This cherry wood artwork brings a “what if” question to make you think about what you are thankful for.  The dark red base works well with many shades of wood on the wall.  The lighter the wall, the more pronounced it is.  With its religious text, it can stand out in an entrance area of ??the house and ask the question to everyone who enters.

Cherry hardwood

This parquet floor has a rich light shade that gives a natural floor feel and highlights your darker furniture.  The low gloss ensures that the light is not reflected back and your lighting merges seamlessly with the floor.  The protective coating prevents the natural redwood color from fading or scratching with use.

Cherry bank

This bench has black legs with a cherry wood seat that works well with a light environment or brickwork underneath.  The shaker leg style allows this bench to hold a solid weight without losing stability.  Even if it is not used for sitting, the solid wood top is an ideal color for holding and drawing attention to your potted plants.

End table

This Arnemuiden side table has a dark cherry wood finish so it works well against any mild to dark sofa end.  This piece stands on a light-colored floor and is characterized by two open shelves in the side table that are large enough for books or collectibles.  The 38 pound weight ensures it won’t slide around when needed to showcase your decor.

Hooker’s credenza

This sideboard is made of a light cherry wood with three ornate doors in front.  The cherry wood color works well with many light wood floors.  Made of solid wood, this piece can hold a lot of weight so it may need some cushioning under its four legs.  The floral pattern on the front of each door gives any room a humble feel.

Cherry Vanity Set

The vanity set has a lighter cherry colored wooden base and a foundation with a granite stone top.  This allows this part to work well against a lighter wall and bathroom floor.  With two built-in wash basins, this vanity set offers enough space for people.  There are five drawers in the middle and two swing doors on each side, which are ideal for your storage.

Dining table

With a dark cherry wood finish, this table sits well on a light surface, making it distinctive and eye-catching.  This table stands at the opposite height and is compact with an open base under which stools can be slid for easy storage.  With a mixture of solid wood built into the table, it can support a decent weight during meal times.

The bar stool has a dark wood tone with a black cushion, so this piece goes perfectly with your dark shelves.  The backless stool has a square base which, in contrast to four legs, offers it a large contact point with the floor to ensure greater stability without additional weight.  Since the seat is made of black leather, this piece will complement a room with leather sofas or daybeds.

Teak bench

This bench has a desperate look that gives the cherry finish an aged look.  This bench is rated for 250 pounds and strong enough for indoor and outdoor use.  The mixed shades allow this piece to work well with stone floors or floors of different colors or in your garden.

Magazine table

This dark wood end table is perfect for keeping magazines or books in its middle basket.  It’s great to work with a dark floor and light furniture, both of which are crowded or made of rattan.  The table is sturdy made of wood without metal and can hold 20 pounds.  The solid base legs are ideal for thick carpets.