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What are the advantages of hardwood

What are the advantages of hardwood flooring?

The   hardwood flooring like any other flooring requires care. They are less prone   to stains or hold dust like carpets but still they accumulate dirt and   improper care leads to a reduction of life along with giving a bad impression   to the guests. The Hardwood floors need immediate care after their   installation to extend their life. Due to improper installation and poor   maintenance, the life of the hardwood flooring is   compromised.

Advantages of Hardwood flooring

The greatest advantage of Hardwood flooring is it requires less   maintenance and simple steps can make it look as new as after installation.   It is also very durable and as it does not attract dust makes it the   preferred choice. It also protects one from common allergens due to its   resistance to dust. The elegance it provides makes it one of the strong   contender among different flooring options. It is also environmentally   friendly.

Drawbacks of hardwood   flooring

You can not have flooring with no disadvantages. The trick is to   choose the flooring with more advantages than disadvantages. The major   disadvantage of hardwood flooring is its sensitivity to changing climatic   conditions. For dry climatic condition, hardwood flooring is not preferred.   It is also costly and is not suitable for installation in high-moisture   environments.

Factors to consider when choosing Hardwood   flooring?

The Hardwood flooring should be chosen keeping in mind the traffic   expected. For high traffic areas, it may not be best suited since laminated   flooring can better withstand high traffic. You should also consider the   climatic conditions in your area since weather can affect hardwood flooring   badly affecting its longevity. The fluctuations in weather could cause wooden   panels to expand and contract to create gaps in the flooring.


Despite few disadvantages, hardwood flooring is popular due to   their aesthetic appeal and also its least cost of maintenance. it is also   easier to install. The advancements in technology for installation have   enhanced the life of hardwood floors. It is also affordable for businesses as   well as families to use them as preferred flooring option. You can decide on   Hardwood flooring if you find that the climate in your area has little   variation and sufficient humidity which can help hardwood flooring being   damaged. It is also the best option for commercial establishments. They are   suitable especially for Gyms and other establishments in the area of dance   and aerobics etc.