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Wedding Arbors For Sale

Wedding Arbors For Sale

There may not be a special day other than when two souls are   united in marriage.  It is a civil and   public expression of the intention to live a life together.  Since it’s a day that participants only   want to reach once, proper planning is high on everyone’s priority list.  A beautiful wedding arbor under which the   ceremony can be held is an important part of the package.

White vinyl wedding   arbor

There is nothing like a pretty arbor to create the backdrop for a   wedding ceremony.  However, it doesn’t   have to be expensive.  A simple white   vinyl arbor can provide a beautiful shape to place flowers, a net, or any   other beautiful or meaningful ornament on it.    Better still, when you place this graceful arbor in your garden, it   works for both living and artificial plants.

Wood eventually rots, iron rusts and can damage plants.  But vinyl is a neutral substance that   withstands the weather well and lasts season after season.  You can easily use this pretty arbor for   your wedding ceremony and then have it as a lovely daily memento of your   special day.

Large vinyl   sheet

A large sheet of vinyl provides even more opportunities to train   vines or flowers over them.  With   almost oriental details on the roof support and tightly “woven” side parts,   this arbor offers a lot of support for your heavier, woodier flowers such as   roses or trumpet vines.  It also gives   you the opportunity to enjoy some of the more invasive flower vines and still   contain them.  Some ornamental vine   species are difficult to work with and if allowed to enter them can damage   trees.

This arch can be placed far from areas of trees, but provides   shade or a nice area for a bench.  It   also works well as a wedding arbor or as an entrance to your garden.  Its width makes it easy to place over a   path or at a gateway.  If it is to be   part of a wedding exhibition, it provides excellent support for floral   decorations.

Graceful Steel Gothic   Arch

This graceful Gothic steel arch is the perfect place to train moon   vines or cardinal climbers.  Because it   is made of steel, although slim, it can withstand the weight of woody   climbing roses as well as the lighter annual flower vines.  As a wedding arch, it’s perfect.  Its delicate, almost ethereal shape is   perfect for draping light fabric or flower garlands.  It can have an old world feel of rich   tradition and general elegance.  It can   also create a beautiful corner of the garden, a gate to a garden area, or the   entrance for a procession.

No matter what decorative purpose you have for this decorative   bow, it is strong and weatherproof and allows years of enjoyment.  The powder coating over steel allows it to   withstand rain and other moisture.    Although steel and iron are sensitive to moisture, the painted alloy   is far more resistant than iron.

Pergola Style Wedding   Arbor

Simplicity is sometimes exactly what is wanted.  This pergola arbor is made from 100% vinyl   for excellent weather resistance.  The   vinyl structure mimics the style that could develop from using simple pieces   of wood, but it is unlikely to have the same problems as a lattice that wood   could have.  Even if wood is treated   and painted, it can deteriorate in damp conditions.  With this arbor you can enjoy all the   beauty of wood without trying to preserve it.    As a wedding arbor, it can be staked out almost anywhere and decorated   with offers of flowers, lots of green or fabric swaths of your choice.  The neutral style allows you to develop   your choice of stylish decorations without anticipating a conflict between   the style of the arbor and the style of the expected ceremony.  If it is not used as a wedding arbor, the   pergola can be in your garden.

Cedar Garden or   Wedding Arbor

When it comes to outdoor applications, cedar is an excellent   choice.  The red and white striped wood   is naturally weatherproof.  While it   gets a soft gray on its own, you can get its warm color by applying a clear,   weather-resistant finish.  It is a   strong wood and friendly to most plants.    It doesn’t require any additional treatment to make it resilient.  As a wedding trellis, it’s a beautiful wood   with its own scent that can easily add a background flavor to incense or   scented candles that you may have chosen.

The beautiful arch is an ideal place for exercising or placing   rose sprays.  With a lot of support   from the cross braces, you can easily add clouds of tulle, streamers or bow   ties as part of the festive decoration.    It is difficult to imagine a naturally more beautiful arbor for every   occasion.

Nantucket style   gazebo

Again, vinyl is used to create a beautiful gazebo.  The kit for this arbor comes disassembled,   but includes full assembly instructions.    It is intended for permanent installation and is perfect for the   cottage garden for a couple building housekeeping together.  It comes with two options for the support   posts, original and with an extension.    Absolutely perfect for a garden entrance, where better to plan a   wedding ceremony?  The entrance is also   a nice place to train about seasonal flowers and to beautify your garden in   general.  It’s easy to assemble and   will likely last a long time.

Of course, weatherproof, and also low-maintenance – simply rinse   with a garden hose.  It is designed to   be enjoyed for many years without requiring a lot of time and attention.  By adding different annual wine flowers,   you can change the look from year to year.

Modern wedding arbor

For weddings, this modern arbor is just amazing.  You can install one or more of the   hoop-shaped mandrel shapes.  They can   be disassembled into two parts for easy portability, so you can put a wedding   arch almost anywhere.  However, they   can also be screwed to paths or terrace paving to ensure a more permanent   installation.  Several of them in a row   can achieve a remarkable effect.    Exercise flowers, fruits, or even vegetables over these grids for a   remarkably beautiful effect.

Practical aside, it would be very easy to pick green beans trained   via these shapes.  Inspired by tire   houses and moon gates, these simple shapes can create a remarkable garden   object with a wide variety of uses.    This is another arbor that could be installed on the happy couple.  

Wooden pagoda wedding   arbor

This wooden pagoda-style wedding arbor was specially designed for   your special day and is perfect for flowers, green spaces or loops made of   wafer-thin fabric.  Made from western   cedar, it’s gorgeous on its own with that gorgeous cedar aroma.  Cedar is naturally weatherproof and softens   if left out without shellac or varnish for protection.  However, a clean finish will lighten and   retain its natural reddish tone and keep it beautiful for many years.  For large families, this could mean that   the perfect wedding arbor is ready for several generations.  Some assembly is required.  All hardware parts are made of stainless   steel to avoid rust streaks.  We are   sure that you will enjoy the beauty and durability of this arbor, whether for   a valued use or for years to come.

Super simple   arbor

Two simple posts and a sturdy top make this arbor easy to assemble   and exceptionally versatile.  In addition   to decorating it for a wedding arbor, you can use it as a grid for a   sprawling rose, as a mount for a weather station, as a bird feeding station,   or even as a place to hang a selection of wind chimes.  The ideas are endless, as is the grace and   charge of this vinyl arbor.    Maintenance is super easy: just spray it off with a garden hose.  It is extremely weather-resistant and can   be used as an entrance area or as a grid, garden decoration or as a frame for   a memorial bench.  Its nondescript   appearance subtly adds to the beauty of your outdoor space without people   even realizing how much it adds to your garden.

Shinto   Torii style wooden gazebo

This arbor is not the variety that should be used to hold up rose   bushes or have ivy climb all over them.    This is a gate, a place that means a change from one state of being to   another.  As such, it would make a   lovely wedding arbor, especially if the arbor frames a beautiful,   well-developed water garden.  The   Japanese are known for their sophisticated designs and their way of turning   all parts of their lives into art.    This beautiful gazebo is no exception.

Things   to Think About When Choosing a Wedding Arbor

A wedding arbor is not as important to most ceremonies as the   ring, cake, happy couple, or an official with the necessary credentials to   tie the knot and make it legal.    However, for some cultures it is an important part of the ceremony and   for all cultures it is an opportunity to make the place where the vows are   taken special.  With this in mind,   there are a few things to consider when planning a wedding arbor.  If the wedding is indoors, the arbor needs   to be small enough to fit in the room but big enough for the officer and   couple to stand below.  Precautions   must be taken to hold it upright if it is not stable while standing.  

If it’s outdoors, it needs to be firmly anchored.  In addition, it should also be checked   whether the installation is temporary or permanent.  If it’s meant to be permanent, it could be   part of the couple’s home or a gift for a local park or other popular outdoor   space.  Budget is also a   consideration.  Searching for an   already installed arbor, e.g.  A   location in a family member’s garden or in a local park might be a good idea   for an event with budget problems.  But   for those who want to keep their arbor as part of their home, there are   plenty of choices.

Temporary   installations

For a temporary installation, consider one of the wider spines as   these have a better chance of getting up with minimal support.  You can always hide utensils like sandbags   and stakes under fake grass mats or mounds with flower decorations.  For a temporary arbor, the ability to break   it down into components that can be saved for future use by others is more   important than weather resistance.

Permanent   installations

A permanent installation could be part of the couple’s home or   part of the garden of a wedding chapel.    If the arbor is planned to be permanently displayed outdoors, weather   resistance and the type of plants on or around it become an important part of   the planning.  Vinyl mandrels are easy   to wear, require little maintenance and are often easy on the budget.  Metal spikes tend to be stronger.  Powder-coated stainless steel is a good   choice for a heavy-duty arbor.  If you   prefer the look and feel of natural wood, cedar and redwood are always good   choices for outdoors.

Both can be given a clear finish to keep the beautiful natural   color, or they can be weathered to a natural gray.  When not used as a wedding arbor, thorns   can bear roses or other flower vines.    If the arbor can be reused for other weddings, white or red hiking   roses are good choices for flowers.    But also clematis, cardinal climbers and moon flowers are lovely.