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The Beauty of Walnut Wood Flooring: A
Timeless Choice for Your Home

The Beauty of Walnut Wood Flooring: A Timeless Choice for Your Home

Derived   from walnut tree walnut wood floorings are getting   popular day by day. Because of nice and attractive look the shoppers are   willing to pay extra dollars. You can use this flooring for different   rooms.

Walnut wood

Lands of Brazil and United States are loaded with walnut trees and   mostly timber for Walnut wooden flooring comes from these two regions. On   surveying the market you will come to know that the walnut wood   flooring from Brazilian wood is much expensive due to   transportation and sourcing cost.

Hardness of wooden   flooring

The hardness of different walnut wood   flooring varies according different species of walnut tree. For   example the hardness of black walnut and American Walnut is estimated to be   1010 which is an intermediate material in terms of hardness. It is harder   than some material types but softer than others. Another type of walnut tree   flooring is Brazilian walnut which is considered to have relatively stronger   hardness of 3680 rating.

Different looks of walnut   flooring

You can have walnut flooring both in the pre-finished look or   unstained hardwood flooring. When talking about prefinished walnut flooring   the surface is enclosed with the help of a covering to provide safe guard   against the moisture. Manufacturers give different colors of brown by using   different types of stains. However if you want inexpensive walnut wood   flooring then go for unstained hardwood flooring. This flooring is most   popular among organic lovers. the raw look of the floor is kept alive.   Installation of wooden flooring can be a technical procedure and it might not   be done by the beginners especially. Different floorings require different   installation techniques and while flooring, installation and service charges   me vary as per the labor involved. New forms of wood do not require any   staples or nails but the conventional hardwood planks required to be intact   with the supporting tables and nails. Walnut wooden flooring can be a part of   your living or it can also be used to create a contemporary and modern look.   In case of remodeling a place few considerations need to be kept in mind. The   first and the primary consideration is sustainability. Although it provides a   sound flooring but yet on exposure to huge traffic it might break or   disintegrate quickly. Furthermore dragging and moving furniture on this floor   will be creating lines and bruises. However you can you this wood flooring in   your personalized bedroom.