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Are southwest rugs worth buying?

Are southwest rugs worth buying?

Rugs are an important and crucial part of the aesthetics of any room or house and help portray what kind of personality you have. In this regard, the south-west rugs are worth mentioning especially if you have a very manly and macho personality, and you portray yourself as the traditional strong man of the 19th century. The origin of these rugs could be traced back to the time when Native Indians ruled America and are very much part of American history and tradition. In addition to that, these rugs have numerous practical advantages and some drawbacks as well which we will discuss in this article.

Pros of South West Rugs:

Let’s look at the major benefits of having a southwest rug in your home/room:

The best thing about these rugs is that they portray and have the American quality of strength, resiliency and reliability. These rugs are great to be used in areas that are susceptible to high traffic such as hallways, sitting rooms or a kitchen. This means that periodical cleaning and maintenance will ensure that this rug will last and serve you for a long period.

Another major talking point of these rugs is their availability in a variety of designs and sizes. This means that these rugs can fit in well in almost every room and don’t look out of place.

They help create a relaxed and tension free environment as you won’t have to worry about taking care of your rug. Your rug will take care of all of itself.

Con(s) of South West Rugs:

One major drawback of a south-west rug that comes as a bit of a surprise is that this rug isn’t steady on the surface/ground and could cause slips and damage. For that, it is necessary that you have a good quality underpad underneath the rug to ensure that it stays firmly in place, and there is no chance for any damage.  you


In this article, I have mentioned briefly some of the pros of the southwest rugs and one major con. However, you can see that the benefits far exceed their drawbacks and hence it is recommended to spend your money as It will eventually turn out to be a great investment. One that will continue to reap the rewards for a longer period (provided you can take proper care of it).