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Elevate Your Space with Stylish Wall and
Display Shelves

Elevate Your Space with Stylish Wall and Display Shelves

Wall and presentation shelves are among the most functional and   versatile design elements that make a big difference.  You wouldn’t think that flat, horizontal   surfaces could do that much – but they do.

You can not only store valuable items on the shelves, but also   complement your interior design and achieve your very own aesthetic.  Below are 10 expert tips for choosing   shelves that will look great in any room!

How do I   place shelves in the living room?

If your TV is on a sturdy table, you likely have some wall space   right above it. Floating sales shelves are a   great fit in this area as they draw your eyes up and offer off-screen   appeal.  If you are a bookworm, you can   color code your books on the shelf Add a neat, organized   look.  Or you can use   the shelves to hold some of your favorite plants and memorabilia.  For a row of standing shelves, like those   on a bookcase, you can choose a theme: color palettes and related objects are   great for creating a sense of oneness.

How   to choose shelves that will help in the kitchen

If you need a little more storage space and want to add a design   element that doesn’t take up a valuable counter, shelves are your   answer.  You can place shelves between   cupboards or an open space on a kitchen wall.  Here you can strut your dishes – some of   your most beautiful dishes and glasses deserve a stage!

To avoid ever having an empty shelf, keep turning and don’t forget   to bring out seasonal items to keep the space feeling fresh and new.  In accordance with the functionality of   shelves, Opt for parts with hooks – Here you can   hang up kitchen utensils, your favorite glove or a colorful set of coffee   mugs.

Live edge shelves are amazing choices   for a no-frills kitchen that requires some rustic charm and an eye-catching   decorative element.  A perfect   combination of function and style!

How to choose   wall shelf materials

  •     Wooden shelves are super robust, even in their   different varieties.  Harder woods are   more scratch-resistant, but properly treated softer woods are just as   durable.
  •     Metal shelves are great for humid environments   as they are resistant to the growth of fungi and are also the cheapest.  
  •     Glass shelves are heavy and of course fragile,   but they complement a contemporary aesthetic very well.
  •     plywood is great because it is unlikely to sag   – it just takes some edging or molding to disguise the blending of different   woods.

How to   freshen up the washroom with shelves?

Washrooms are good for additional shelf space as they will help   you keep the floor tidy.  If your   laundry room is out of paint, Use floating shelves or a floor   shelf bring a touch of color to the room.  Shelves with drying racks help you tilt   delicate items before you toss the rest of your clothes in the dryer.  A shelf that has an accordion   clothes horse Together with a few hooks, you can store   detergent, dry your delicates and hang your laundry bag all in one.  Choose calming colors like   blue and pastelto help you undress while you go about your   chores.

How do you   choose a unique shelf style?

If you’re looking to add shelving to an eclectic environment, you   probably don’t want to settle for a simple white or black shelf.  No – you need a little drama;  something fabulous, just like your   personality. Box floating shelves are a perfect   complement to serve this purpose.  You   are like small closed personal spaces for your books and   decorative items.    Unusual flowers, keepsakes, and small sculptures fit perfectly on   these shelves and will help you boldly express yourself.

How do I design a   room with shelves?

A room with the warmth and coziness of a farmhouse can benefit   from it desperate wooden shelves or silver and   brass options that serve as accent colors in a darker room.  Display your houseplants and some white   candles, and hang your hat on a hook to complete this look.

Traditional environments are welcome Shelves with a   white surface and a crown shape keep with a timeless   look.

If you want to add a shelf to a glamorous setting,   Gold and glass objects are your friends.  ONE mirrored shelf wall   panel displays your favorite items while reflecting the rest   of your fabulous decor.

Gold-colored diamond-shaped wall   shelves Add a high quality design element to hold your most   precious items.

Wooden and metal shelves They look   great in industrial settings – a simple standing shelf looks sturdy and   classic, while a round, closed wall shelf adds a touch of modernity while   maintaining the clean lines and natural feel of that look.

Are   floating shelves better than bookshelves?

Not necessarily – each of these shelf options offers plenty of   room for your storage needs and can be strategically selected to ensure a   perfect match with the existing decor.    The only real difference that will affect your final choice is   How much space do you have to work with?.  If you are buying shelves for a large room,   you can easily fit a large standing bookcase.    However, if you live in an apartment with limited space, floating   shelves can add space without affecting your floor space.

How do you   use shelves in a children’s room?

Children’s rooms always need a little (or a lot) of extra storage   space for all of their fun toys, books, and games.  ONE beautiful white and gold   colored shelf can add a modern touch to a child’s room, while   still going with lighter colors and other items with a child’s theme.  To keep your little ones from knocking   everything over, you can move shelves out of reach higher on the wall.  If you want them to join in the cleaning   time, you can place them deeper on the wall for easy access.

How do   I make a small library with shelves?

You can use a bookcase in conjunction with floating shelves in a   corner designated as a reading corner.    Or just Layer floating shelves up to three or four   rows until you near the ceiling.  Get your collection of books, alphabetize   them, and carefully put them on your new shelves.  Add a tall wooden   ladder to make it feel like a real, traditional   library!

When you have items that you want to display, shelves   become the stage for them.  With a few   stylish tips, you can transform a wall or an entire room.  Choose light colors for a calm mood.  Wood and metal accents for a rustic   feel;  and keep it funky with box   floating shelves.  The choices are   varied and entirely up to you.